Action Wobbles Week – Weeeeee!

We’re pretty darn excited this week to be bringing you another Blog Collaboration! Wow, we love playing with other companies (especially when their products make our products look so fun!!) (Well, more fun than they already look!).

All this week we’ll be playing with the folks over at Action Wobbles.  They make these cute, little, self-adhesive, plastic springs that you can attach to your creations to let them wobble freely back and forth. (yes…like you we’ve spent hours trying to make this out of paper with mixed results!)

You can trim the wobbles to be smaller if the piece you’re wobbling is little. Once they’re attached, you can flip the image with your finger and it wobbles delightfully back and forth.

Our Melinda Gleissner created the first card we saw with these, and we fell in love. Had to hunt down the wobbles people and beg them to play with us! Turns out we didn’t have to beg too hard, they fell in love with Melinda’s card too and “caught her wobbling”.

If they see your wobble card on your blog they feature you on their blog.  Here’s Melinda’s Card

Well, we realized right away that our new Kiddos were perfect for the Wobbles team. They’re just so cute!  Bet you’d like to win some Action Wobbles and some Kiddos, too!!  Well, here’s your chance.

Our talented Design Team has been Wobbling their hearts out this week. Go visit their blogs each day and see what’s shakin’. Make a comment, and you’ll be entered to win!! We’ll give away prize packages of Wobbles and Kiddos! Plus..the folks at Action Wobbles will have prize packages, too.

Here’s who is playing today:

We’ll pick one of the bloggers above at random. They’ll pick a commenter at random. That means you want to comment on each one so you’re entered the maximum number of times. If you wobble with us today, you could win:
6 Action Wobbles Springs plus:
So, go on… get Wobblin’!!

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