NAMTA Show with Fran•táge Melt Media!

Fran was at the NAMTA show in Denver this week, cooking up a storm with embossing powders. She’s showing the art world what a great medium embossing powder can be for so many uses.

Fran at NAMTA

She’s got a hot griddle and a teflon mat and she’s going to town.


Fran showing off all the great samples using her Melt Media technique.

See the entire product line of Embossing Powder and Fran•táge Embossing Enamels on our website to imagine the possibilities!

To order in bulk, contact Customer Service at

Dream A Little Friday Fun

Dreamweaver_intro_Banner1-780x380We love what the design team has created this week sharing tutorials using stencils with watercolor to embossing pastes or applying the letterpress technique for dry embossing. It’s amazing what you can do with these metal stencils with the right care and a few tools. Earlier this week we talked mentioned properly removing the stencil from it’s packaging and easy cleaning after use, today it’s the tools that help make stenciling fun!

We have seven high quality embossing pastes to choose from on our website. Add almost any color medium to the white or clear pastes for even more options.



Use the Palette Knife to mix in coloring mediums, spread paste over smaller stencils or load the Paste Spreader to apply paste evenly across the larger stencils.

All that’s left is choosing stencils! You can purchase stencils from the Dreamweaver Stencils section of the Stampendous website where we are continually adding more. During the transition you can still shop the Stencil with Style website to access the entire collection.

Need some help getting started? There are great tips and techniques on how to use these wonderful products here.

With such fun new products being talked about, it’s only right to share some fantastic projects from these designers today!

Kristine Reynolds

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Hornschu

Dreaming of Inspiration


Today is a double dose of inspiration with two teams posting Dreamweaver inspiration!

On Thursday’s we enjoy a weekly shower of inspiration from Dreamweaver Stencils’ Dream Team which is especially true this month’s challenge. Be inspired to design with showers themed projects from the A Team!

Dream It Up!

Lea Kimmel

Louise Healy

Laura Drahozal

Pam Hornschu

Jamie Martin

Here at Stampendous our Dream a Little Dreamweaver week continues with some terrific inspiration from our designers.

Kristine Reynolds

Tenia Nelson



Easy Clean Stenciling


Stenciling can be fun when you have a system in place for each step of the process. Yesterday we mentioned how to properly remove the stencil from packaging and today it’s about cleaning the stencil. Being able to clean your stencils immediately after use helps you quickly move on to the rest of your project.  Here’s some information to keep you stenciling in style.

  • Keep the stencil flat when cleaning.
  • Use a flat tray or flat bottom container like our Stufftainers with enough water to cover the stencil and tools. Set them into the water until you’re ready to clean.
  • Gently scrub with a soft brush while the stencil stays flat in the tray.
  • Place on a clean soft cloth to air dry or use a second cloth to dry while keeping it on a flat surface.

Here’s a fantastic project today from veteran stencil designer,

Pam Hornschu

Dreaming on a Tuesday!


We’re celebrating our new acquisition of Dreamweaver Stencils again this week. There’s just so much to learn and enjoy with these new tools! So much new inspiration from new team members joining us, and so very many new products to play with and enjoy!

When you first get your Dreamweaver Stencils, it’s very important that you start taking care of them right away! Even taking them out of their packaging can be a little tricky. You want to avoid bending the stencil at all, so that you’ll have the flattest, smoothest surface to work with for all the great techniques. We’ve linked to a great video on YouTube on every one of our new stencils to remind you about opening the product carefully. Always BEND THE PAPER, NOT THE STENCIL!  Take a look:

Now go have a look at the terrific inspiration we have for you today!!

Alison Heikkila

Jamie Martin

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Dream A Little Dreamweaver



We’re still dreaming here at Stampendous about the wonderful Dreamweaver Stencils joining our family and this week we are sharing some of our dream with YOU.

Come back each day this week for information about the products new to our website and all the products available, the proper use and care of your stencils and tools, and basics on how to begin using your stencils!


Chunky Tools Graduated Dot by Jamie Martin


Here is an amazing colorful art card made by Jamie Martin that use Chunky Tools stencil, Graduated Dots stencil and the Stampendous Live Creatively stamp. It is a great looking card!


Zen Butterfly Pop Rectangles by Lyn Bernatovich


Zen Butterfly and Pop Rectangles Stencils were used for this fabulous card by Lyn Bernatovich.

Long Calla Flower by Pam Hornschu

Long Calla Flower by Pam Hornschu

Pam Hornschu created this amazing Wedding card with Long Calla Stencil, glitter and double-sided sticky tape.

Here are some designers dreaming with stencils today —

Kristine Reynolds

Friday Musical Finale

It’s our Friday finale with an expressive musical motif set that is a great crescendo to any project. Whether a music lover’s scrapbook page or on a home decor, it can be an amazing way to accent your musical project or use these striking elements as the main focus.

Kristine Reynolds wraps up this DIY Bangles bracelet with key repeats to a great gift for the music lover who love’s jewelry!

Design team alumnus, Suzanne Czosek, created this fantastic canvas using the template included to create an embossed symbol with perfect pitch beside the stamped sentiment and music staff.

There are more great projects to share from our designer’s today.

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Kimmel

Amy Hurley-Purdie



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