Coloring House-Mouse Designs®

The terrific folks at House-Mouse Designs® have a coloring guide on their site using ProMarkers. But we know lots of you use other brands, so we’ve had our favorite marker coloring pros color up some charts for you! This should help you give your House-Mouse characters just the right coloring touches no matter which markers you use! There are also charts for some popular colored pencil brands. Click on each chart below to enlarge it, use your back arrow to return to this page.  More to come as our artists finish!

We’ve also created a playlist on YouTube of artists coloring House-Mouse Designs Images. If you have a video you’d like us to link up, or a medium we haven’t used, just let us know at

Copic Marker House-Mouse Coloring Chart
Copic Marker House-Mouse Coloring Chart by Rhea Weigand
House-Mouse Coloring Chart - Tombow Markers
House-Mouse Coloring Chart – Tombow Markers by Marie Browning
House-Mouse Coloring Guide - Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils by Marie Browning
House-Mouse Coloring Guide – Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils by Marie Browning
House-Mouse Designs® Ranger Distress Markers colored by Jennie Lin Black
House-Mouse Designs® Ranger Distress Markers colored by Jennie Lin Black
House-Mouse Designs Coloring Chart Ranger Distress Markers colored by Jennie Lin Black
House-Mouse Designs Coloring Chart Spectrum Noir Markers colored by Jennie Lin Black

Download your own pdf of this Spectrum Noir Chart – spectrum house mouse

Prismacolor Color Pencil Coloring Chart by Monica C.

Click here to download the Prismacolor_House-Mouse Coloring Chart



28 thoughts on “Coloring House-Mouse Designs®

  1. Thanks for the charts, this will come in handy. I collect the mice stamps I believe I have most of them if not all of them. They are just so cute I love them. I love your blog it’s very cool !


    • I’ll put a pdf right under the Spectrum Noir chart – Our charts have been emailed to us by the designers that colored them, so this is the best quality I can get. HOWEVER, I will also put up a pdf of a BLANK chart that you can print to color your own.


      • Just editing this to note that we cannot give a blank chart away. We do not have licensing permission to give or sell a digital image that you can color of the HMD designs. That would be a huge copyright violation, and I didn’t think about it before I said this. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I have personally tried printing all of the charts and I’m really pleased with the quality of them, so I’m afraid this is the best we can get.


  2. Hi. I am interested in House Mouse Designs. I have a few of the Rubber Stamps. I don’t have a computer available to watch tutorials (borrowing a friend’s right now.) Is there any kind of a sketch book, showing step-by-step coloring of these little critters? I am going to purchase some kind of markers, very soon. Not sure yet what I will end up with. Tom Bow seems to be really reasonable for 96 Markers. Do you have any suggestions? I have been making handmade cards for several years now & would like to start using color markers, for an added touch. Thanks very much for your input. Lynn Oliver


    • Lynn, You can download these as pdf files and print them. But there’s not a printed book with coloring guidelines. Our Design Team pretty much colors the mice in any way they like. You don’t have to follow this guide, it’s just from the artist. Tombow are very good markers, we work with them a lot. Their markers are waterbased. Most of our team uses Copic Markers or Spectrum Noir which are alcohol based. They’re much more expensive. It’s really up to your budget.


    • Karen, Thanks for reminding us. That was actually a mistake. We do not have the license to essentially sell or give away these images in that way. If we put that up, folks would not need the stamps. Sorry, but the colored charts are the best we can do.


  3. Some one had ask if you were going to have a chart for Prisma pencils. And the reply was
    that you would see if you could put one together. Well I was wondering if you had, and were I
    could find it.
    Thanks so much.


    • I don’t think we ever got a chart together for Prismacolor. Let me see what we can do. Sorry to keep putting you off, but we don’t really have the time or in-house staff to do this, so it sort of has to wait until we can find someone who will do it.


    • Here’s my suggestion: Print off a copy of the different charts as how the colors print on your printer may vary and choose 1 or 2 you like best. Then I would look for the colored pencil that closely matches the samples. This is easier if you already have a pre-made swatch chart of all your pencils to put up against the colors shown. (you will need to color out a chart with your pencils, not print one off the internet. If you do a search you can find blank charts. I just did this – but what I did was cut the chart apart and rearrange it in a much better color order! then glued my swatches down in the order i liked and rearranged the pencils in the trays to correspond with my chart.) HTH!


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