Stampendous Blog Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This policy is effective May 25, 2018 and is being placed in force in compliance with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our Blog is powered by which is, in turn, owned by Automattic, Inc. You can read the entire Automattic privacy policy by clicking here – Automattic Privacy Policy

Visiting our Blog

When you visit our blog by actually visiting, the site will collect different types of information from you which it requires to function properly, and which help us deliver a better experience to you. You will be advised, when you visit, that the site will place cookies and other tracking mechanisms like pixels, etc on your computer to help you find our blog again when you search for it, to help us count how many people have visited us, and to let you comment more easily on future visits. You can read the Automattic Cookie Policy here to learn more about these items. Stampendous does not place or control any of the cookies, pixels, or other tracking files used. They are very, very small files which are saved on your computer to help you log in to places where you’ve subscribed, find content that you were reading before, and generally make it easier to use the site. You do not have to allow cookies or pixels to be placed on your computer, but you must change that setting yourself in your internet browser. We cannot guarantee that our blog website will work properly if you do this.

These cookies, pixels, etc. collect small amounts of information from your computer. This information is not personally identifiable, i.e. no one can look at this information and tell who you are. Information collected includes your country of residence, what kind of device you are using (desktop, mobile, tablet), how you got to our blog (google search, Facebook, email link, other blog, typing in the address, etc.), how long you visited our blog, how many pages you viewed, how many links you clicked on. All of these things help us know what kind of content you’d like us to make, where we should consider advertising, how our blog looks on your screen, and which other bloggers are attracting the same audience. We cannot control or remove this information, please read the Automattic Privacy Policy for instructions how to do that.

Subscribing to our Blog

When you subscribe to our blog, we receive your email address, and that is used to deliver the subscription to your inbox. If you also have a WordPress blog, we also receive your blog name when you subscribe to, like, comment on, or share our blog.

At the bottom of every blog post email, there is a link to unsubscribe and remove yourself from our subscription list. There is also a link to Manage Subscriptions which will allow you to change or correct your email address. If you would like to completely delete your email record from our blog, please choose unsubscribe at the bottom of your most recent email, then email us at, and request that your email and other information be removed from all other records. We will delete your email, and any other information that our site has collected. This may take up to 30 days from the first business day of receipt.

Commenting on our Blog

When you comment on our blog, our site collects your name, your email address, your WordPress user name, if any, and it can determine what country you are in. This helps our site determine where our visitors live, so that we know where our products are needed and desired. The comments on our site remain on our site until we remove them. We have never removed any content from our blog. If you would like to request that we do so, please email us at

Prize Winners and Contests

When you win a prize on our blog, you are asked to email our offices with your U.S. Mailing Address so that we can deliver your prize. The email(s) you send to claim your prize are stored on our email server for up to 7 years. Prizes represent a distribution of product for us that is considered advertising, and we must keep information on winners for tax purposes to prove we distributed the prizes. Legally, we have to provide a list of prizewinner names when that is requested by other entrants or law enforcement officials. We post the list of prize winners, publicly, on our blog, and that post remains on our blog until we remove it. We have, as yet, never removed any posts from our blog. If you would like to request that we do so, please email us at The OFFICIAL RULES for all our contests are found on the Official Rules Page and can be accessed at the top of our blog or from any contest page.

We hope this policy is clear and easy to understand. Stampendous will never sell or share any of your personal information unless required to do so by law, or unless you specifically provide permission for us to do so. We take your privacy seriously, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our policies or data that we store. Please feel free to email us at ,  phone us at (800)869-0474, or write to us at Stampendous, Privacy Policy, 1211 N. Kraemer Place, Anaheim, CA 92806, USA.