Stack Art Winners!


We’re so glad you joined us last week to see some of the super fun projects you can create with Stack Art. As you could see the product is just so versatile, every project will be unique and amazing.

We wanted to share with you one more video. In this short video Fran gives you the very best tips for working with the Stack Art die cut adhesive sheets that come in your Stack Art kit!

Now, we know you’re excited to get to the winners, so here we go!

Stack Art End Title Assembly

There were 22 posts total, including ours, so we chose three winning posts from those using
Blog Post Number OneBlog Post Number TwoBlog Post Number Three

Blog number 22 is the Stack Art Blog from Debbie Cole Designs from August 1.  – Debbie had 23 comments, but 2 were from Design Team members. So out of 21 posts, chose…

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.12.29 PMWhich turns out to be:

Victoria Banaszak

Blog number 11 is the Stampendous Impressions Blog from July 31 – We had 11 Comments on this blog post. Plugging in potential winners, and Random. org says…

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.04.30 PMWhich means our winner is

Barb Macaskill

Blog number 10 is Alyce Keegan’s Kit and Clowder post from July 30th – She had 34 comments, but 4 of them were from our Design Team or Duplicates, so plugging in 30 potential winners. And says…
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.57.58 PMWhich means our winner is

Yolanda from Puerto Rico


So Victoria, Barb and Yolanda, please email me your mailing address to and we’ll get you each a Stack Art Prize Package right out to you! Congratulations! And thanks so much to all of you who took time to comment on the blogs. It means so much to the individual bloggers to get your happy feedback!


8 thoughts on “Stack Art Winners!

  1. great video, thanks for all the tips and inspirational pieces, the team does a wonderful presentation of the stampendous products.


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