Goodbye Summer Vacation

one summer vacation header

We’re celebrating the last vacations of Summer, here on the Stampendous blog. We really want to thank you all for sharing your vacation stories with us. We love getting to know our fans a bit better! Keep sharing for your chance to win the Pink Your Life Beach Day Perfectly Clear Stamps Set. (click on it to see it on our website)

SSCP110 PYL Whisper Friends Beach Day

Our team has made some great samples with this set! (click on them to see the complete project on our website)

Here at Stampendous, our Summers have often culminated in a Warehouse Sale! We haven’t done one in a very long time, and I’m NOT making any promises here (wink, wink), but if you’re anywhere near Southern California, you might want to just make sure that you’re on our email list. Just say’n!  Our previous Warehouse Sales have been, shall we say legendary?! You definitely won’t want to miss it (if we have one, that is)! Our email newsletter also gives you great info like telling you first about our Free Shipping promotion. Even if you can’t come to Southern California, you’ll want to sign up. You can sign up for newsletters and promotion information here at the bottom of our website home page –

We’ve got some great Summer Vacation projects and inspiration from our Design Team today. Please comment on their posts, and be sure to tell us about your favorite Summer Vacation for a chance to win. We’ll be back with Winners and a new theme on Monday!

Alison Heikkila
Jamie Martin









6 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer Vacation

  1. Love that book mark. Beautiful texture. Now, bring on fall and some cooler temperatures!
    My favorite vacation was going to the mountains.

    The warehouse sale sounds like fun. If you had one. I have family in L.A. that I’d love to send there to shop for me.


  2. One of my favorite summer vacations was a week long drive through Tennessee. We started in Memphis at Elvis Presley’s home, went to Chattanooga, Nashville (my favorite!) and Knoxville. It was a fun trip!


  3. Hard to believe summer is almost over. We don’t travel much any more since we bought some property with two ponds. We enjoy our time there and enjoy canoeing on the ponds.


  4. After a couple weeks of very high temperatures, it looks
    like we’re going to have some below average temperatures.
    That puts the kaboosh on getting into the pool. The low
    water temperatures freeze my knees. Going to be hard
    looking at the water and knowing I can’t get in. Only one
    more month and the pool will be going “to bed” for the
    winter. It’s been a fun week of vacation stories.


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