Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)! – Friday

At Stampendous this week we’re celebrating the wonderful Dogs and Cats in our lives. We hope you’ve been commenting on our posts and our Design Team posts, because we’re giving away one set of our new Laurel Burch Dog Park Stamps and the coordinating Dog Park Cutting Dies this week.  We’ll take comments until Sunday night, then draw a winner on Monday. Tell us about your pets when you comment.

We want to remind you today, that there are lots of greetings and sentiments that are perfect for pairing with our great dog and cat stamps. Here’s a look:

We’ve really enjoyed this week with all of you sharing about your favorite fur people! We thought it would be fun to share with you our owner, Fran Seiford’s, own fur baby, Beaver! He’s a sweetie who loves to climb on the keyboard right while she’s making great art for our stamp images. He also gets to be the stylish model for some of our kitty stamps!

Fran's Cat, Beaver


And this is Avonlea, she’s Fran’s “great-niece”, and lives with Fran’s human niece, Anne Smallwood. She’s a curious little thing who plopped right down to have her photo taken when she found out about this blog series.

Avonlea Kitty


And our Design Team has one more round of cards to post for our Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)! theme week. Stop by and give them some love:

Louise Healy







15 thoughts on “Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)! – Friday

  1. Love the Cat photos. As a cat lover, and someone who is “owned” by 4 cats….I love cat and other animal stamps!!! I’m always on the look out for animal stamps with an angel policy..as I make & donate cards to a Local Cat Rescue Shelter..for them to sell to help raise money for care of their cats….


  2. I love Laura Burch..I also have her designer cat purse!! I have a 12yr.old ringtail Tabby named Smokey and a new black bombay kitten with gold eyes named BooBoo


  3. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful kitty cat pictures! My dad was allergic to cats & always said he didn’t like them. However, when I was in high school 2 little kitties were dropped off (how people can do that, I do not know!) & of course, my mom started feeding them. Wouldn’t you know, the boy chose my dad & how he loved that cat! When I was in college my dad sent me a picture of Scamp on the piano keys with a note saying he was warming up the piano for my soon return to home. You’ve reminded me of these happy memories from so long ago.


  4. Thanks for sharing the photos of Beaver and Avonlea! I’ve had 5 cats over the years and miss the ones that are gone now. In the meantime, my senior cat, Teddy, greets me every morning with meows and head rubs!


  5. Fran’s baby and our Callie-co look a lot alike! If I could figure out how to put a link to my FB page here I could show you. You can check on my Instagram page @meemawof3 and see her if you want to. Great week of cat and dog creations!


  6. The cats and dog projects have been a whole lotta fun, and these real life kitties are the cats meow! Thanks for a great peek


  7. Gorgeous cats:-) Even though I am a dog person, we have rhodesian ridgeback at home, one day, maybe, I could imagine a kitty living with us:-)


  8. Thanks for the fur therapy! I miss being able to have a cat and take my fur therapy any way I can get it. Dad always professed not to like our cats and we couldn’t figure out why they were scratching up the garage wall until one day we caught him dangling a muff for them to play with and then hanging it back up so it fell just out of their reach. BUSTED!


  9. I am so sorry I missed this week. Dogs and cats are the focal point of most of my projects lately. I have both of Fran’s stamps and die sets. I have to get Robins’s dogs-that is the cutest dachshund dog going. I’ve signed up to follow by e-mail several times but it never works. Glad I found this-saving all the links for the fantastic inspiration.


    • Beth, sorry the email hasn’t worked for you. You might try subscribing through BlogLovin’. Just click on the link in our side bar. That will also send you an email of our blog each day. We’re glad you’ve enjoyed our posts!


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