Melting Beautiful Embossing Puddles

Vintage Contract Canvas by Fran Seiford

We are turning up the heat on our sprinkles of embossing powders and letting them puddle into works of art. It is time to shine a creative light on our beloved embossing powders with Fran’s new Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z book for new and innovative uses as well as remembering those tried and true basics.

Not sure where to get one of these books? Purchase on our website or comment all throughout the week on our blog and that of each designer’s blog posting with our embossing powder theme and it may be you with a new book of you very own! See Official Contest Rules. We will announce winners next week.

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In the meantime, here is a video showing freeform puddle painting using embossing powders, just play!

The designs can be so incredible with this freeform technique that you will want to frame it!

Butterfly Post Framed Puddle Paint by Fran Seiford

Here are the designer’s sharing their favorite embossing letter from Fran’s Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z.

Jamie Martin (Tuesday post)

Wendy Price

Kristine Reynolds

Jamie Martin

Pam Hornschu

13 thoughts on “Melting Beautiful Embossing Puddles

  1. Gaaa! Fran, you ruined my day!! Now all I want to do is go melt embossing powders into glorious pieces like yours instead of working on my taxes! True story!!
    You ladies are onery teases with the book… every project on the hop today makes me want to see how it was done and now I have to wait for the book. : )


  2. I learned this basic technique many, many years ago at a Stamp Convention & even bought a cheap electric skillet to use. You’ve taken it up a notch with “drawing” through the powders. Thanks for the inspiration to do this again!


  3. Each one of the designers has done a fabulous job showcasing embossing but Wendy Price takes the Best of Show award for today and quite possibly the whole week! She has set the bar pretty high for the rest of the designers with her amazing card today!! Looking forward to more peeks into this awesome book! TFS!


  4. So amazing.. Without even trying she made a little mountain, and stream and just all kinds of things I could see in that embossing. Love it!! 💗💗💗


  5. Can you use the melt pot to make the embossing puddles and art? Would you just put the craft sheet in the melt pot? Has anyone tried it?


    • Absolutely. If you have the Melting Pot it would work very well. You are limited to the size of projects that fit in the pot. We’ve seen it used more for jewelry and these tiles are a little larger than that, but as far as functionality it would sure work. They aren’t being produced any more, so folks who don’t have one might try a thrift store or something like that for a griddle or skillet to use.


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