Embossing Techniques Dreamweaver-Style

Dreamweaver Thursday is going puffy…and sparkly…and shiny…and textured…and cracked, all with the magic of Embossing Powders and Enamels! This week we’ve shown you wonderful examples of just a few of  the techniques in Fran Seiford’s new book as shown below, demonstrated with predominantly Stampendous images. Today we have plenty of embossing love to share with our Dreamweaver stencils!

Here are a few examples from the team…

Created by Louise Healy, featuring the Dreamweaver Dragon stencil, using the “Faux Cloisonné” technique found in Section F, page 24.


Created by Pam Hornschu featuring the Swirly Heart stencil design with glittery pink embossing powder from the Spring Sparkle Kit, using the “Painting with Powder” technique, found in section Y, pages 90-94.


Another “Painting with Powder” creation by Laura Drahozal. She really demonstrates the “painterly” feel to be achieved by this technique with the Dreamweaver Tree Line stencil.

LauraD_PWPTreelineFinally, another creation by Pam Hornschu, featuring the Peacock Stencil using the “Molten Magic” Technique, as found in section P, pages 38-39, with Fran•tagé Aged Enamels.


I bet we’ve surprised you today with the variety of techniques from the new book that can be easily used with Dreamweaver Stencils. We have a few more to share, but first a reminder…you can purchase the book online at Stampendous, or from crafting retail stores in your area…but wouldn’t it be awesome to win one? We are giving away THREE AUTOGRAPHED copies of the new Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z by Fran Seiford. For a chance to be a randomly selected winner, leave comments on everyone’s posts for this week, and double check the Prize Rules HERE.

Lea Fritts (DW and Embossing)

Jamie Martin (DW and Embossing)

Laura Drahozal (DW and Embossing)

Pam Hornschu (DW and Embossing)

Louise Healy (DW and Embossing)

and in case you missed it yesterday…

Kristine Reynolds (DW and Embossing)



17 thoughts on “Embossing Techniques Dreamweaver-Style

  1. I have always loved the look of embossed images. So thank you for creating a book that will save me from all the frustration of trial and error I would end up doing myself.


  2. These posts are sure to sell many copies of this book! Who wouldn’t want to tap into Fran’s knowledge of embossing and take their creating to the next level of awesomeness?!?!?! I know that I do!!! LOVELOVELOVE all of the posts this week!! See you tomorrow for the grand finale!! Can’t wait to see what inspiration will be shared!!!


  3. Really enjoyed the hop. I’m new to embossing & would love to win a copy & make use of the dreamweaver stencils Lynell sent me. I’m international, but always have my goodies sent to my daughter in US.


  4. I really want to try out the technique using the griddle and tiles. Recently, I was thinking I need a new griddle, because mine is scratched up, stuff starting to stick, etc.. So, I wasn’t sure to do with the other. I don’t like putting electronics in the trash, or dumpsters, etc. Now, I have a new use for it, and it doesn’t matter that it’s scratched! Thank you SO much! So happy about this little technique. 💗💗💗


  5. Looks like absolute fun to learn to create using these awesome techniques! I can’t wait to have my hands on Fran’s new book.


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