“Mist Media” Card with Tobi Crawford

Hello everyone! It’s Tobi Crawford here and I’m sharing a quick, quasi mixed media card with you today.

I started my foray into the mixed media world with various brands of glimmer mists and ink mists. I’m an organic crafter, and I NEVER know how my project is going to end up. I like to “go with it”, and I think that’s the most important lesson I can teach when dealing with mixed media… Why? Because when you’re dealing with paints and sprays and liquids you can’t predict or control how they are going to interact with each other – and that’s what makes it fun!

Today’s card is CAS (clean and simple) and I was able to do that with die cuts… You’ll see.

Step 1: Gather your mists and a mister with just water:

photo (20)

Step 2: Mist and drip (I unscrew the mist mechanism from the bottle and shake) colours onto white cardstock.

photo (13)

Step 3: Mist with water. This will help colours mix and mingle.

photo (19)

Step 4: Dry with heat tool (or let it air dry… I’m impatient)

photo (16)

Step 5: This is a luxury step. I have an old hair flat-iron and I use it to smooth out my papers after I mist them. The warping really bugs me.

photo (18)

Step 6: Cut out desired shape from the cardstock with a die cut:

photo (17)

Step 7: Assemble card:

photo (21)

What’s great about using just a *little* bit of the sprayed cardstock is it’s colourful and bright without being overpowering! I love the Faith Character Stamp and it paired perfectly with this design. You can pick up this stamp at Jo~Ann Fabric and Craft Stores along with lots of mists and all the supplies you’ll need!

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