We’re Boxing Up Dreamweaver Thursday with Eileen Hull and Stampendous!


We hope you’ve been having fun “hopping” along the garden path with Eileen Hull’s popular line of Sizzix® dies and our darling new Stampendous Cottage Home and Mushroom Home stamps and dies sets. Many of our “gnome homes” are being inhabited by cute fairies, frogs, bunnies, etc. Since today is Dreamweaver Thursday, today you’ll have the opportunity to see ways in which you can individually decorate your own “gnome homes” with oodles of our stencil designs…like these…

Dreamweaver Quatrefoil, Honeycomb, Large Scales, and Mosaic Swirls.

Oh, and in case you need to “stucco” your Garden Home…

Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste

Just a reminder…there are THREE prize packages available to win this week which include these items…


Don’t forget to leave comments along the way, and if you need the rules or if you’ve missed any of the posts this week, head back to the Monday post HERE…and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our huge grand finale! Pssst…jaws will drop! (They will be tiny gnome jaws, but still…)

Louise Healy

Pam Bray

Laura Drahozal

Pam Hornschu

Lea Fritts

Eileen Hull Blog

Fashionably Framed Faces with Dreamweaver Stencils

Egyptian Queen side

Egyptian Queen Beauty Face by Pam Hornschu

All this week the Stampendous team is creating fabulous ways to frame the Faces of Stampendous. Some are with hairstyles, some with flowers and today it’s time to give these faces a bit of Dreamweaver Stencil flair.

Pam Hornschu had already been creating gorgeous projects with the Beauty Face stamp when it was part of the Blossom Beauty Stamp Set and it’s stellar don’t you think? She used the Dreamweaver Waves with Dots and ink stenciled the head-covering. There’s more information on Pam’s Monday post if you want to know more.

1-20160215 Faces of

Need some ideas to get you started? Use DWLJ820 Flower Lace Stencil as a wedding veil, DWLX7022 Vintage Decor Stencil would be great for a crown, and DWLJ840 Peacock Background Stencil is great for a masquerade style head-covering.

There are more ideas available today. Take a tour to some of our Dreamweaver Stencil veteran’s blogs, who have gathered up their background stencils and maybe even some special flourish ones to stencil the faces of Stampendous!

Lea Fritts

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Laura Drahozal

Embossing Techniques Dreamweaver-Style

Dreamweaver Thursday is going puffy…and sparkly…and shiny…and textured…and cracked, all with the magic of Embossing Powders and Enamels! This week we’ve shown you wonderful examples of just a few of  the techniques in Fran Seiford’s new book as shown below, demonstrated with predominantly Stampendous images. Today we have plenty of embossing love to share with our Dreamweaver stencils!

Here are a few examples from the team…

Created by Louise Healy, featuring the Dreamweaver Dragon stencil, using the “Faux Cloisonné” technique found in Section F, page 24.


Created by Pam Hornschu featuring the Swirly Heart stencil design with glittery pink embossing powder from the Spring Sparkle Kit, using the “Painting with Powder” technique, found in section Y, pages 90-94.


Another “Painting with Powder” creation by Laura Drahozal. She really demonstrates the “painterly” feel to be achieved by this technique with the Dreamweaver Tree Line stencil.

LauraD_PWPTreelineFinally, another creation by Pam Hornschu, featuring the Peacock Stencil using the “Molten Magic” Technique, as found in section P, pages 38-39, with Fran•tagé Aged Enamels.


I bet we’ve surprised you today with the variety of techniques from the new book that can be easily used with Dreamweaver Stencils. We have a few more to share, but first a reminder…you can purchase the book online at Stampendous, or from crafting retail stores in your area…but wouldn’t it be awesome to win one? We are giving away THREE AUTOGRAPHED copies of the new Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z by Fran Seiford. For a chance to be a randomly selected winner, leave comments on everyone’s posts for this week, and double check the Prize Rules HERE.

Lea Fritts (DW and Embossing)

Jamie Martin (DW and Embossing)

Laura Drahozal (DW and Embossing)

Pam Hornschu (DW and Embossing)

Louise Healy (DW and Embossing)

and in case you missed it yesterday…

Kristine Reynolds (DW and Embossing)



Dreaming of Fashionable New Stampendous Stencil Duos!

1-20160201 Stencil Duos

We’ve been having such an exciting week! Paris, Milan, and New York may have their “Fashion Week”, but we have our Stampendous Stencil Duos Week! Of the four, I know which one most of us are likely to attend, and if you’ve missed any of the days this week, you’ll want to head on back to Monday’s post to catch up. All of these six new designs are tres chic and perfectly on trend. Try them on for size! Slip into your favorite crafting boutique and grab them directly off the rack, or purchase directly from the designer at Stampendous!

For instance, hearts are beating fast at this glittery little number on the runway…the Heart Duo, shown to it’s best advantage by Jamie Martin

FMSD101_Heart_Duo_PKG_800 Jamie_HeartDuo

And who’s that flitting by now with the gorgeous Butterfly Duo? Our own Janelle Stollfus, of course!



And of course, no Spring Showing is complete without the Blossom Duo, check out the Embossing Paste texture on those petals from Janelle Stollfus

FMSD103_Blossom_Duo_PKG_800 FMSD103_DCP1005_SSC1219_R220_JS_800And who wouldn’t love this Gift Duo, tied up with an exquisite bow from Pam Hornschu

FMSD104_Gift_Duo_PKG_800 PH_FMS4007_GiftDuo_flat


Oh, my, you could just float away with this Translucent Pasted Balloon Duo creation by Pam Hornschu

FMSD105_Balloon_Duo_PKG_800 PH_FMS4009_BalloonDuo_flat500

And our piece de résistance, the beautiful Bird Duo with it’s multi-hued plumage by Kristine Reynolds




We’re positive that you’ll want at least one of each! Think of the mix-and-match and separates possibilities! In this case, it is perfectly fine for your friends to be sporting the same fabulous Stencil Duos as you…they are stunning for everyone!

And now for more of your modeling pleasure, our über creative team of designers…

Pam Bray (DW)

Louise Healy (DW)

Kristine Reynolds (DW and Tombow)

Pam Hornschu (DW and Tombow)

Tenia Nelson (DW and Tombow)

Laura Drahozal (DW and Tombow)

Dreamweaver Thursday…FRILLED to be Playing with May Arts!


Since this is Thursday, we’re sure that you are aware that we’ve been happily hopping with May Arts Ribbon all of this week. If you’ve missed any days, head on back to the Monday, January 25th post. Of course, there are prizes involved! Just leave comments on all posts for the week for a chance to win one of the THREE prize packages. See Stampendous Official Contest Rules for details.


The best embellishments for any designer/artist are the items that are the perfect “finishing touch”. They ADD to the design without confusing the eye. Which is why we at Stampendous LOVE May Arts ribbons and trims! A card or project can be “pretty” and “nice”, but add a bit of May Arts ribbon…and suddenly you have “WOW”! Take a look at a couple examples below, envisioning what they’d be like without that added touch. Granted…we believe that everything is amazing when begun with a base of Stampendous and Dreamweaver products (what’d you expect?), but even we like a bit of bling and frill here and there!

Created by Louise Healy using the Faux Tile technique, with May Arts’ Grosgrain ribbon and cord.


Created by Pam Bray with Dreamweaver Hexagons background, and May Arts Solid color ribbon.

Would you like to play this game a bit more? Here are our designers posting today…

Laura Drahozal (DW and May Arts)

Pam Bray (DW and May Arts)

Louise Healy (DW and May Arts)

Lea Fritts (DW and May Arts)

Alison Heikkila (DW and May Arts)

Tenia Nelson (May Arts)

Pam Hornschu (DW and May Arts)

Kristine Reynolds (DW and May Arts)

The Ribbon Resource Blog

Dreamweaving in Hearts

Who wouldn’t love to write a list of all the stencils they want, and then wave a magic wand and say, “Be mine”? We’ve been sharing some wonderful new Stampendous images for Valentine’s Day/Wedding/Love, and now we’d like you to check out some Dreamweaver Stencils that have been added to the Stampendous line that are perfect for  these occasions!

How about the Heart Whimsey…


Such a sweet design, and sweetly designed for your inspiration…

Created by Louise Healy with the Double Glitter technique.


Feb '15_Heart Vine_side
Created by Pam Hornschu.

Here’s one of my very favorites…the Heart Lock and Key stencil.

Heart_Lock_rendered_800-500x500It can be pretty as shown below, or take a gothic turn…


Heart Lock ink trans L side
Created by Pam Hornschu using the Ink Transfer/Letterpress technique.

Lock and key side

The team seems to have a new favorite in  the Swirly Heart design…


You can keep it simple…

Created by Louise Healy…simple and stunning!
Created by Laura Drahozal.

I suggest that you make your list, and send your “special someone” a message or email saying, “Hint. Hint”!

Here are our Dreamweaver Thursday players for today…

Kristine Reynolds (DW, Be Mine)

Jamie Martin (DW, Be Mine)

Alison Heikkila (DW)

Pam Hornschu (DW)

Louise Healy (DW)

Laura Drahozal (DW)

New Dreaming with Stampendous and Imagine Crafts

STM_IC_blog banner

Can you IMAGINE all of the fun you could have mixing the Dreamweaver product line with Imagine Crafts®/Tsukineko® Radiant Neon inks and their brand new coordinating Radiant Neon Amplify inks? Our team have been doing just that this week, along with introducing the new Stampendous and Dreamweaver releases. As always, this collaboration week features the opportunity to win one of three prize packages as shown below…

You can get all the details and deadlines about the prize packages on our Monday blog post.

Created by Laura Drahozal featuring the Three Butterflies stencil design with Imagine Crafts® Amplify inks on the flowers.


Let’s go check out what the team have created for Dreamweaver Thursday with all of this awesomeness!

Louise Healy (Imagine Crafts, DW)

Laura Drahozal (Imagine Crafts, DW)

Lea Fritts (New Catalog, DW, Imagine Crafts)

Pam Bray (New Catalog, DW)

Amy Hurley-Purdie (New Catalog, DW)

Alison Heikkila (New Catalog, DW)

Pam Hornschu (New Catalog, DW, Imagine Crafts)

Dreaming of a Frosty New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I love New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It opens up so many possibilities, a clean slate ready for whatever life throws at us…the good, the bad, and the AMAZING!

Are you the type who makes a resolution each year to add more of something to your life, or less of something to your life? Whichever direction that you’re heading this year, we hope you’ll bring some Stampendous and Dreamweaver along for the ride! How about a snowy sleigh ride? The team have been celebrating all things WINTER this week. So while you may be packing away your holiday decorations, you can still keep out those snowy pinecones, snowflakes, snowglobes, and icicles (real or fake!). Pull out your Dreamweaver Snowflake stencils, your White and Silver Embossing Pastes, your Stampendous Snowflakes Dies, and piles of Sparkle Puff Embossing Powder, and glitters!


For ideas on how to play with these COOL products, check out our players for Dreamweaver Thursday

Laura Drahozal

Lea Fritts

Pam Bray

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Tenia Nelson

It’s a Wrap with Dreamweaver for Christmas Eve!


In case your enthusiasm for wrapping and last minute decor is waning, the Stampendous team has a few bright ideas for Dreamweaver Thursday, since it also happens to fall on Christmas Eve…

How about these cute and quick gift card holders created by Lyn Bernatovich…


Lyn gift card sleeve
Featuring Dreamweaver Gold Embossing Paste with the Big Dots stencils and the Holly Swirls Die, and Stampendous Gold Jewel Glitter.
Lyn TProll card holder
Paste-embossed with Regular Embossing Paste using the Dreamweaver Snow Spatter stencil, the Southwest Snowflake paste-embossed in Gold paste, and covered in Red Jewel Glitter…on a flattened TP roll insert.

And how about a few last minute tags for gift-giving?

WW_Pinecone tags cu
Machine-embossed with the Dreamweaver Pine Cones, inked and layered.

Wrapping things up for the holiday are these players…

Laura Drahozal

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Asia King

Dreamweaver Thursday: Dreaming of a Holy Child

If you are the person that believes that the “reason for the season” is not about fighting to buy that item that is sold out everywhere, that it’s not about piles of presents under the tree, and that it’s not about how many parties you get invited to, but rather about celebrating the birth of the son of God…than this has to be the best week on the Stampendous blog for you! You’ve noticed by now that the Dreamweaver stencils, as well as the Stampendous line of images, provides many inspirational designs to touch your heart and those of your loved ones. Here’s just a few from the Dreamweaver line…

Jumbo Merry Christmas
Dreamweaver Manger
Standing Angel
Joseph and Mary
Peace on Earth

Our wonderful team have more inspirational inspiration (and yes, that was deliberate!) for you on their blogs…

Laura Drahozal

Lea Fritts

Pam Bray

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu