Fashionably Framed Faces with Dreamweaver Stencils

Egyptian Queen side

Egyptian Queen Beauty Face by Pam Hornschu

All this week the Stampendous team is creating fabulous ways to frame the Faces of Stampendous. Some are with hairstyles, some with flowers and today it’s time to give these faces a bit of Dreamweaver Stencil flair.

Pam Hornschu had already been creating gorgeous projects with the Beauty Face stamp when it was part of the Blossom Beauty Stamp Set and it’s stellar don’t you think? She used the Dreamweaver Waves with Dots and ink stenciled the head-covering. There’s more information on Pam’s Monday post if you want to know more.

1-20160215 Faces of

Need some ideas to get you started? Use DWLJ820 Flower Lace Stencil as a wedding veil, DWLX7022 Vintage Decor Stencil would be great for a crown, and DWLJ840 Peacock Background Stencil is great for a masquerade style head-covering.

There are more ideas available today. Take a tour to some of our Dreamweaver Stencil veteran’s blogs, who have gathered up their background stencils and maybe even some special flourish ones to stencil the faces of Stampendous!

Lea Fritts

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Laura Drahozal

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