New Dreaming with Stampendous and Imagine Crafts

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Can you IMAGINE all of the fun you could have mixing the Dreamweaver product line with Imagine Crafts®/Tsukineko® Radiant Neon inks and their brand new coordinating Radiant Neon Amplify inks? Our team have been doing just that this week, along with introducing the new Stampendous and Dreamweaver releases. As always, this collaboration week features the opportunity to win one of three prize packages as shown below…

You can get all the details and deadlines about the prize packages on our Monday blog post.

Created by Laura Drahozal featuring the Three Butterflies stencil design with Imagine Crafts® Amplify inks on the flowers.


Let’s go check out what the team have created for Dreamweaver Thursday with all of this awesomeness!

Louise Healy (Imagine Crafts, DW)

Laura Drahozal (Imagine Crafts, DW)

Lea Fritts (New Catalog, DW, Imagine Crafts)

Pam Bray (New Catalog, DW)

Amy Hurley-Purdie (New Catalog, DW)

Alison Heikkila (New Catalog, DW)

Pam Hornschu (New Catalog, DW, Imagine Crafts)

14 thoughts on “New Dreaming with Stampendous and Imagine Crafts

  1. This week’s projects have me amped up to amplify my use of my Neons! I am loving the riot of colors and the Amplify was already a favorite of mine but now I have learned quite a few new ways to use it!! Thanks to the wonderful designers for so much inspiration!! See you tomorrow for the grand finale!!


  2. Wonderful hop.. Loved so many of the projects made. I really want to get some of the amplify ink now. ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing. Great design team. 💗💗💗


  3. I’m going to have to look into this amplify. hadn’t heard of it before and it makes some amazing designs. thanks for having the hop — always learning new techniques and products.


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