Join The Stampendous Robotics Club

It’s a week of robot fun with our newest family members, Screwloose and Sparky. When they get together there is sure to be some fun, but watch out it can get quite explosive!

Screwloose and Sparky Rubber Stamp

Look at this amazing frame by artist consultant and decorative painter, Debbie Cole. She’s made this frame for a special someone, constructing it perfectly right down to the last screw and bolt.

Screwloose and Sparky Frame by Debbie Cole
Screwloose and Sparky Frame by Debbie Cole

Here are some projects that will spark some great ideas!

Jamie Martin

Kristine Reynolds


3 thoughts on “Join The Stampendous Robotics Club

  1. I had to chuckle when I saw the name of the stamp set! I have been told more than once (jokingly ?) that I have a screwloose so I am thinking I need this set so I can send those people a card made using them!! That way I can tell them that I really do have Screwloose! LOL
    Kristine and Jamie did a great job with these images today! Looking forward to the rest of the week’s post using these adorable images! See you tomorrow!


  2. Such a cool idea! What little boy wouldn’t love to have his name framed out this way? Love it!

    Snoopy 😀


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