Peacocks and Paisley Palooza!

Peacock and Paisley

We have two great stamp sets with coordinating dies to share this week. Meet our Poised Peacock and our Paisley Patterns. Both Cling Rubber Stamp Sets come with a free template for masking the images or creating super cool backgrounds. Both also have available, matching, cutting dies! You’ll love these gorgeous sets! Wanna win one?

We’ll give away one Poised Peacock Stamp Set and Cutting Dies and one Paisley Patterns Stamp Set and Cutting Dies (so two lucky winners) this week! Just leave us a comment telling us if you’ve ever seen a live peacock! Where? When? Was it just the coolest? We want to know! Or if you’re more Paisley than Peacock, tell us about your lifelong love affair with those irresistible patterns! U.S. Winners only – Official Rules.

We have Design Team Members playing along today –

Alison Heikkila


And some inspiration from our website – All these samples are by Fran Seiford. You can find them all on our website by searching “Paisley” or “Peacock”.



26 thoughts on “Peacocks and Paisley Palooza!

  1. You bet I want to win one–so gorgeous! Love the samples! Yes, I’ve seen live peacocks. The highway I drove to work had a farm with peacocks. Unfortunately, I never saw them with their tails fanned out, but did once long ago when I was a kid.


  2. When my husband and I were first married, (1956), his parents bought a lot and built on Mountain Road, Montecito, near Santa Barbara, Ca.
    After they had moved into their new house with a view, they found that the people on the other side of the road, up the hill, had several Ostriches that roamed their property down to the chain link fence next to the main road.

    It was fun to take the kids up and try and catch glimpses of them under the trees, thru the fence. Like being at your own private zoo. They would occasionally spread those beautiful tail for us, as we stood in awe. We also laid in bed in awe when their piercing cry would come thru the air at night. Was it melodious? Was it a screech? It sure made you sit up and take notice.


  3. I’ve seen a few peacocks over the years, the last one was at a wedding of a friend. It was strutting round the car park and attacked a peacock blue car and did a lot of damage! Beautiful birds, if a bit scatty! Would love to win this prize.


  4. I don’t live in the States so I cannot enter the contest, but my story is too funny not to share:
    I once stopped at a roadside stall with a friend and my very strong-willed dog. At this farm stall, the owner had assorted fowl wandering around the parking lot: ducks, chickens and a gorgeous peacock, with his tail feathers on full display. Before I had a chance to clip my dog’s leash into her harness, she escaped the car! When my dog spotted the peacock with such a tantalizing “train” trailing behind him, she had to give chase. Looking back at it now, I don’t believe she had any intention of catching the peacock, I think she was just enjoying the chase. Of course I immediately tried to put a stop to it, but the harder I tried to catch her, the harder she tried to avoid capture. I shouted to my friend to help me and we must have been quite a sight: the frightened peacock fleeing at the front, closely followed by my dog, then me screaming loudly at both my dog to stop and at my friend to help me and closing this bizarre procession running circles rapidly around the parking lot, came my friend who kept running out of his flip-flops (shoes). We managed to get quite an audience! At the time I was livid, but more than 2 decades later, I smile whenever I think of it. I’m going to have to buy myself this set to add another memory to my scrapbook from this era. 😀


    • Hahaha… Tina you made our week! Definitely chuckling at this visual! Your dog is probably lucky she didn’t catch the peacock, they have some wicked claws and a ready beak! But wow… so funny (looking back on it, of course. I’m sure at the time it was horrifying!). Thanks for sharing a great story!


  5. My daughter and I were on safari in 2012. The one restaurant/golf course they took us to had
    several peacocks waltzing around. They were beautiful – especially when they would spread
    their tail feathers. I have pictures in my trip album. Enjoy looking at the photos. If I had
    this stamp set I could look at the peacock all the time.
    Fantastic set.
    thanks for the chance to win it.


  6. Oooh, I love peacocks! We have a lot of them here in So. Florida. They run wild & free over at Flamingo Gardens and they’re just so beautiful! I think two escaped from the gardens and were walking around our neighborhood for a few days. It was magical to see them!


  7. My family went on vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. While we were there we went to The Fountain of Youth. The grounds are quite beautiful and they had numerous regular and white peacocks. My sister and daughter wanted to take pictures of the peacocks with their gorgeous tails fanned but, none of them fanned their tails on their own after waiting patiently for quite some time. They came up with what they thought was a genius plan to get the peacocks to fan their tails for photos. This plan involved making loud noises to startle the peacocks, hoping this would get them to fan their tails. Their plan failed miserably. The peacocks did not fan their tails when they made the loud noises. It made the peacocks chase my sister and daughter. Peacocks run very fast. I never saw the both of them run so fast in their lives! Needless to say they did not get their coveted photo op. Instead we have a hilarious family memory and inside joke about peacocks. It has become a family tradition to buy peacock items for each other ever since. Lesson learned,” Never, never startle a peacock!”


  8. A regional park somewhat near our house has wild peacocks–not many, but some. They can be aggressive, but are very pretty.


  9. We have a little zoo in the Catoctin Mtns., Carroll County, MD I saw a peacock there many years ago. The colors were amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your stamp sets. suzschultz23(at)aol(dot)com


  10. Sadly, I have never actually seen a real peacock, in real life. Only in pictures, on television, etc. They’re still one of my favorite animals, though. I love the color combination of the feathers, on the males.. and the white ones are also a favorite, even though I doubt I’d ever seen one of those. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Love your stamp and die sets. 💗💗💗


  11. Bbthese stamps are fabulous, and I would so love to win. I have seen live peacocks before. They were wild in the area I lived in in California. I have also seen them in the zoo.


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