Friday Wilds


We have had so much fun being on our wild adventure with you this week that we are certain is isn’t time to stop! There is at least one more day of inspiration at least and then we’ll be on to our next theme that has something to do with magical gardens, but for today we will be taking a dive into the exotic water region of our wild week with our PenPattern Angel Fish.

We have some open spaces on this delicate angel fish that could use a doodlie doo, too. Don’t all fish from the deep so?

V309 PenPattern Angel Fish Wood Mount Stamp

Did you see this beautiful card from Pam Hornschu earlier this month? Wow. It’s just amazing! You can stop by her blog here to see it posted during our Doodlie Doe week or use the project page on our website here. The background paper is amazing and her doodles define the body stripes of the fish amazingly.

PenPattern Angel Fish by Pam Hornschu


We have a growing collection of PenPattern images so along with the first release we shared this video to help get the creative juices flowing with these stamps. It is a great overview of just how fun these images can be. Enjoy!

Our last three collaborations have had a a special giveaway from our Australian distributor The Stencil Specialists, we are so thankful that they wanted to play along and widen our giveaway base. If you make your store orders locally in Australia, then we sure would recommend them. Stop by their website to see what all that they offer and also their blog where they share some really neat projects using them. Recently they have been sharing some wonderful projects on their blog using our stamps and essentials and with such a great style on each one we decided to share a few here on the blog today.  To see all of them though, go to their blog posts  here and here! Let’s see a couple projects that Julie created for their blog.

PenPattern Angel Fish from The Stencil Specialists

The Angel Fish is phenomenal in gold embossing and colored with metallic gel pens and all on such a colorful base.

PenPattern Zebra by The Stencil Specialists
PenPattern Zebra by The Stencil Specialists

This is so simple, but it has an amazing effect in design when done right. The pop of background color is genius, Julie, just genius! If that only filled your mood board half full then we have more to fill it up the rest of the way with our designers posting their projects today.

Pam Hornschu

Laura Drahozal

Lyn Bernatovich

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Bray

Lea Kimmel

Wendy Price

Tenia Nelson

Our team sometimes posts Thursday for our Dreamweaver spotlight that also includes our theme for the week. If you haven’t seen those gorgeous samples, they really are worth hopping over to check them out on this blog post!

Wild Wild Wednesday

We are getting into the rhythm of being on this wild adventure of spotting our PenPattern animals in the world “wild” web. Each stamp comes in wood mount or cling rubber mount to meet the needs of our valuable customers.

We’ve seen the wading hippo, and eye catching frog on Monday. Tuesday we spotted the posing giraffe and a lucky elephant that made our crafty fingers itch to use some of our vibrant colors. You will want to check out those posts if you missed them, because there are some amazing samples and a video too!

P267 PenPattern Zebra Wood Mount Stamp

Our PenPattern Zebra may seem like all the doodles have naturally been done, but there is still a coat of many colors to be added and even a chance to doodle in color between those stripes! The choice is up to you to decide, liven up a birthday card, or scrapbook page with a realistic zebra or one in magical rainbow technicolor.

This wild birthday card is showing our PenPattern Zebra in it’s natural beauty just slightly colored for effect, because colorist and class instructor Jennie Lin Black who created this sweet card, definitely knows just the right amount of color to add to an image. I guess this time her advice would be less is more!

PenPattern Zebra by Jennie Lin Black

There is one more four-legged wild animal to see on our adventure today, it is PenPattern Lion surveying his pride and maybe waiting for a few majestic doodle lines to be added to his mane.  You can imagine him as well in all sorted kinds of tangles and doodles, colors and patterns that will create such a great card with some of our Wild Saying Perfectly Clear Stamps for the voice behind the lion.

W147 PenPattern Lion Wood Mount Stamp

Designer Pam Hornschu posted her PenPattern Lion card on Monday and we just think it’s the cat’s meow of cards of our lion, so we are showing it off here on our blog as well. Just look at those special freckle doodles all over, it’s really a brilliant doodle idea! She also mixed in some Dreamweaver I-Beam stencil and Monstera Leaf die to make this card quite fantastic.

PenPattern Lion by Pam Hornschu

Here is the line up of projects from our safari design crew today, We know you are going to love them!

Jamie Martin

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Let’s Go Wild

This week we are embarking on a journey to see the wonderful wild animals that are new to the Stampendous PenPattern collection. You might just want to grab your safari gear, because it is going to be a week of adventure and wonder!

Our first stop is to see this wading hippopotamus that is a great image to doodle in the open spaces or color him in a fun and interesting way.

PenPattern Hippo Rubber Stamp
M324 PenPattern Hippo Wood Stamp

This hippo card by Janelle is making the blues go away with a neatly colored purple hippo using Chameleon Pens and a sentiment from Loving Messages Perfectly Clear Stamps Set to cheer up someone for the day.

PenPattern Hippo by Janelle Stollfus

Our posing frog is all eyes for a few doodles, even the lily pad is a perfect open space for doodles to take float. Enjoy a frog in many different colors and styles with a combination of color and doodles. Now who can resist that face?

Q214 PenPattern Frog Wood Mounted Stamp

One particular colorist, Jennie Lin Black, couldn’t resist and made a gorgeous monoprint paper to tame the vibrant markings of this exotic colored frog. She even added some texture with a combination of Frantage Color Fragments

Jennie used a great sentiment for her card that is part of our Wild Sayings Perfectly Clear Stamps Set. It is a great companion to all of our wild animals this week with 16 different sentiments, some for a great chuckle to go along with your doodled wild animal, plus you can never be without a clawed paw print for added emphasis to your card.

SSC1226 Wild Sayings Perfectly Clear Stamps Set

Are you ready for a wild tour across landscape of our designer’s blog this week? Let’s head on our adventurous safari tour with these talented guides today!

Pam Hornschu

Kristine Reynolds

Pam Bray

Dawdle A Doodle

Have you had a great time this week looking at your Stampendous stamps in a new way? It’s possible to doodle with any open stamp or stencil design and the key is not to hurry. Dawdle a little and enjoy the process. However we know that some of you sometimes have to live in the crafty fast lane and you need a ready made design. Here comes our doodled images!

PenPattern Owl is perfectly doodled and ready to color!

P230 PenPattern Owl Rubber Stamp

Debi Hammons created this adorable and quick card with PenPattern Owl. It’s just adorable!

PenPattern Owl by Debi Hammons

PenPattern Leaves are doodled just right and can quickly be added to your next project. Don’t forget that there are coordinating dies for these leaves , which makes that a great match.

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT
CRS5068 PenPattern Leaves Rubber Stamp Set

Here’s a mixed media sample that really makes the doodle patterns on the leaves pop with interest. Use this for any season on cards, 3D projects and more!

PenPattern Leave Mixed Media by Janelle Stollfus

The fun doesn’t stop there with more stamps available and eagerly waiting to be used for doodlie doo designs. The PenPattern stamps have their own category on our website where you can see all the different styles, some that are new that we are going to share in a couple of weeks, dare I say take a sneaky peek to find out what they are? We are so excited for you to try out this new trend and we think we have you covered no matter your level of doodling!

Oh boy, do we have inspiration for you. It is almost like a mini blog hop today with a few double posts from our busy team, so you might just want to get a little snack and drink to spend some time with our amazing designer’s projects!

Stampendous Blog

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Hornschu

Kristine Reynolds

Kristine Reynolds (Thursday Post)

Lyn Bernatovich (Thursday)

Lyn Bernatovich

Louise Healy (Thursday Post)

Louise Healy

Tenia Nelson

Wendy Price (Thursday Post)

Wendy Price

Pam Bray

Lea Kimmel


Did you see the fantastic Dreamweaver Stencil projects yesterday? Go check the blog post with all the goodies if you haven’t already and see a video on how to Stentangle!

PenPatterns Starter

Need a little doodle starter? We have just what you need!

Our PenPattern line of stamps are just the ticket to have some fun doodling into a fun stamped shapes. These stamps have sections already built into them so all there is left to do is fill them up with fun little doodles. It’s possible to continue doodling with the swirls and dashes around the edges of the stamps so there is no end to your doodle starter stamped image.

(L to R) PenPattern Cake, PenPattern Conch, PenPattern Petal, PenPattern Cat and PenPattern Flutter

You can see how easy it is to create the doodles inside of the lines of these images by looking at some great projects by Kristine Reynolds. This first project uses the PenPattern Conch Stamp where Kristine added so many fun doodles to the curves of the shell.

Q196_H292_KR_800-300x232Another fantastic sample by Kristine is this Artist Trading Block from our hop with Eileen Hull and the Inspiration Team. Kristine uses PenPattern Flutter and some simple zentangle motifs to fill it in quickly. On two more sides of the block you’ll find PenPattern Petal and each petal has some sweet additions. You can see in the photo that the petals have small sweet flowers on them with some simple rippling lines in the flowers center to doodlie doo these images to a new level.
A super cool anniversary card is created with the PenPattern Cake stamp and Penned Anniversary to share the best wishes for another year together. The PenPattern Cake looks like a dream of a cake!

It’s time to see who has a doodlie doo project to share with you on their blog today.

Pam Hornschu

Kristine Reynolds

Louise Healy

We have more PenPattern Stamps on our website that are fabulous for accents or ready to color and loads of fun project samples to see on each page! We’ll be sharing again soon in the coming weeks with more PenPatterns to get you inspired to pull out the pens and coloring tools.


Tongue Twister Thursday

Here’s our tongue twister for the day, PenPattern Penguin. As fun as it is to say it, we think it’s even more fun to see! Yes, this PenPattern Penguin is adorable and just waiting for a doodle or a color.

PenPattern Penguin Wood Mount Stamp
PenPattern Penguin Wood Mount Stamp

This beautiful PenPattern Penguin card designed by Jennifer Dove with her trained coloring eye has brought this image to life. She’s provided simple instructions HERE to complete one of your own cards.

PenPattern Penguin Card by Jennifer Dove

These PenPattern images are a fun way to create a quick project sized just right for a card. We love the projects that what our design team has created and we know you will, too.

Pam Hornschu

Tenia Nelson

Rhea Weigand

Doodling Your Holiday Styles

This season is a gift-giving extravaganza and the PenPattern Gift stamp is great to use as a gift tag, on a card or how about those scrapbook pages where children are opening up their gifts. It’s a versatile design and can be used for gift-giving year around!

PenPattern Gift Wood Mount Stamp


Just look at this festively colored gift on a card by DT alumni Tobi Crawford with instructions (and pen colors) available HERE. You can also see this card on her blog with some of our other Christmas imagse. The link is provided below.

PenPattern Gift by Tobi Crawford
PenPattern Gift by Tobi Crawford

Today’s group of designer posts will have you itching for some PenPattern of your own.

Jamie Martin

Wendy Price

We have our DT alumni showing up today with a PenPattern post to share.

Rhea Weigand

Tobi Crawford

Doodle of a Holiday!

Welcome to another full week of fun PenPattern designs with the holidays in mind!

Our PenPattern collection has enough doodles designed into them to color and go, and they also have clear spaces to create your own doodling. If you want to add doodles but find it difficult, stamp using one of our complementing PenPattern Background style stamps. Today our focus is on this adorable PenPattern Moose in the act of balancing his gift-giving load.

PenPattern Moose Wood Mount

Krissy Fossmeyer has a great holiday coloring of PenPattern Moose and she has instructions on how she made it here.

PenPattern Moose by Krissy Fossmeyer

If you’d like to see how these PenPattern designs work here’s a short video.

We have a couple of designers who want to share their moose projects with you today!

Kristine Reynolds

Janelle Stollfus


Lovely Leaves To Doodle or Not

If you are in the mood for a doodle session grab our Jumbo Leaves or PenPattern Leaves, but not for the stamps. Of course, it’s for the template that comes with them. Use this template to create your own pattern of leaves and then doodle away!

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT
Cling Jumbo Leaves Stamp Set

Debi Hammons used the template with our Sticky Panels to create this glitter leaf design. That is a darling mouse floating through the card is another lovely leaf stamp from House-Mouse Designs Fall Float.

Fall Float and Jumbo Leaves Card by Debi Hammons
Fall Float and Jumbo Leaves Card by Debi Hammons

There’s another possible option to decide for your doodling session. If you want to doodle with all the bells and whistle it’s PenPattern Leaves that will jump your doodling session right to the coloring. Use the Creative Palette with some of your favorite coloring mediums to make a paper base that gives each stamped PenPattern leaf it’s unique pattern. See how Kristine Reynolds did it for this beautiful card.

PenPattern Leaves Gracias Card by Kristine Reynolds
PenPattern Leaves Gracias Card by Kristine Reynolds

Kristine used the Leaves Cutting Dies to create even more fun to this card. It’s a great bundle of  products with tons of ideas waiting to be made.

It’s double-treat day because we have  Kristine Reynolds linked with another amazing sample. Let’s see what inspiration she’ll leaf for us on her blog.

Kristine Reynolds


Lovely Leaves Week

Our Cling Rubber Leaves Sets are just right for creating Fall and Thanksgiving decor and yet so much more with thought it would be fun to share ideas and projects with you for an entire week!

TRI-lingual_Jumbo Cling Pkg_FRONT
Cling PenPattern Leaves Stamp Set

Our newest stamp set to the Stampendous family is PenPattern Leaves that have a fun doodling design already included for easy texture to your project as Monika Thomas used them for her PenPattern Owl Wreath.


It’s even easier to add these leaves to your project with it’s coordinating Cutting Dies! No delicate cutting required.

Leaves Die Set

And here’s another project using our Leaves Stamps with the coordinating Cutting Dies. If you were with us for the Add A Little Dazzle Collaboration week you might have seen this extraordinary wreath on Asia King’s blog. It has so many wonderful pieces to it and we love all the foliage it showcases. You can see more pictures on her blog here.

Fall autumnal DIY wreath with metal leaves and flowers by Asia King for Stampendous

The design team will be posting throughout the week with inspirations for our Lovely Leaves Weeks. Here’s our first designer blog.

Kristine Reynolds

Looking for the October Monthly Challenge Winner? See the Winner post at noon Pacific Time in our 2014 Challenge Contest Page.