Oh Christmas tree, my Christmas tree!

If you haven’t started making your Christmas gifts and decorations by now, you are cutting it awfully close. And we are here to help you with some last minute crafty ideas. Today’s project is a paper tree, by Pam Hornschu. It wood be absolutely perfect fir decorating the dining table! To get your Shape Shiftable Jumbo Tree into its original shape, line up the Perfectly Clear™ Stamp face down on the picture printed on its carrier sheet. Then lower your clear acrylic handle on to the stamp. It will adhere to the block in just the right shape. Then you can stamp them with sides adjoining to make this perfect tree. Use 3 trees for the top layer, 4 for the middle layer, and 5 for the bottom layer. Voila! A very cool bit of yule decor.

Recipe for Merry Christmas Paper Tree by Pam Hornschu: