Create Your Own Sunshine

Here at Stampendous, flowers are just our favorites! We never get tired of stamping and coloring them. You know who else never gets tired of flowers??… our little House-Mouse Designs® friends! Those little characters just love smelling flowers, picking them for each other, even eating them! And our Designers never get tired of coloring those little critters with their love of blossoms! Today we have a couple of terrific cards from Jennie Lin Black featuring our mousey friends and their love of Spring. Then we’ll send you off to our Design Team blogs for more floral delights! Be sure to leave lots of comments!


Louise Healy

Jamie Martin

So Many Shoes, So Little Time


Shoe Babies by Kristine Reynolds
HMQ07 Shoe Babies by Kristine Reynolds
There are so many great pairs of shoes out there that we dedicate this week to the gorgeous, practical, and super sweet shoe images we carry for stamping and stenciling fun.

Today is a look at a few super sweet House-Mouse® and HappyHoppers® stamps from previous catalog releases. They are so cute we couldn’t imagine not showing them this week! Enjoy a peek and click any of the photos to go to our website for more information.

HMCQ07 Shoe Babies Rubber Stamp
HMCQ07 Shoe Babies Rubber Stamp
HMM12 Tiny Runner Wood-Mounted Stamp
House-Mouse®Tiny Runner by Lea Fritts
Cling Insert MG Final trimmed size: 4.5" x 6.5" Green background is Pantone 365C
HHQ01 HappyHoppers® Diva Hopper
HappyHoppers® Diva Hopper by Wendy Price

Our design team is excited to share their fashionable projects this week and here is one we know you are going to love!

Jamie Martin

Room For Some Outdoor Fun!

When it’s picnic time there is room for outdoor fun and we’ve captured a few goodies from our summer style stamps today to share with you. If you have never been in a tree swing you should really try it out! It’s okay, it’s for kids of all ages and even safe when you use our stamp to create a fun card or scrapbook page.


P121 Tree Swing Wood Mount Stamp

There’s just something about a swing that makes the day seem care-free and perfect, just like this simple birthday card made by Janelle Stollfus a few years ago with Tree Swing (and retired set, Who’s Counting Perfectly Clear Stamp Set).

Tree Swing by Janelle Stollfus


When the wind picks up it’s time to grab a kite and see how far along the skyline it will go. Surprisingly it doesn’t take much wind to bring Itty Bit along in the kite’s flight path with this next stamp.



HHW01 Hopper High Wood Mount Stamp

Color instructor and team alumni, Jennifer Dove, created a moving design with Hopper High and sentiment from Hope Verses Perfectly Clear™ Stamps. That sky is just incredible, don’t you think?

Hopper High Hope Verses by Jennifer Dove


Pebble has it all planned out with a fabulous Hammock Nap and definitely making progress with the plan. What else is there to do after filling your tummy from a picnic spread?

HGRR02 Hammock Nap Wood Mount Nap

This delightful sunflower color card is sprinkled with sun-rays with all the great yellow elements. Debi Hammons has it all set up for Pebbles and tied it with a bow. Instructions are available on our website for most of the samples we share, check out this one here.

Hammock Nap by Debi Hammons


That was a fun walk through some previously released stamps and a treasured look at some of our favorite activities outdoor. Still curious about more summer style stamps? Look for the summer stamp category on our website HERE.

Now these designers are waiting to share their projects from our April 2015 Catalog and I’m sure you’ll love their spin on the picnic fun theme.

Pam Hornschu

Jamie Martin

Kristine Reynolds

Decorated Eggs

Do you decorate with colored vinegar water ? Use glue and glitter? Or maybe favor the HappyHoppers way of decorated eggs for Easter? We believe these must be the cutest way to enjoy decorated eggs.

Easter Bunny Rubber Stamp

Jennifer Dove paints outside the lines using ribbon on this fun card with Itty Bit applying the details to Hop It’s Easter Bunny costume.

Easter Bunny by Jennifer Dove

Hop-It, Bumble, and Itty Bit are getting accustomed to their wobbly costumes and are prepared to parade across the next project that comes along for Easter.

Easter Hares Rubber Stamp

When all the decorating is done one can get a wee bit tired. Depending on how big the egg is and how small the artist it could leave you so tired your asleep before you know it like Monica here has taken to the top of her creation.

Easter Egg Nap Rubber Stamp

Jennie Lin Black’s talent with color is remarkable on this shaped card.

Easter Egg Nap by Jennie Lin Black

Take a look at these designer’s posting their wonderful Egg-themed projects.

Jennifer Dove

Pam Hornschu


Peek a Boo with House-Mouse Designs®

CHA Show Banner

One of the most anticipated parts of any new Stampendous release is the House-Mouse Designs® section. Folks love these little critters from the pen of Ellen Jareckie, and we love bringing them to you as fast as we can. Amanda, Maxwell, Muzzy, Mudpie and Monica are all ready for Spring and Summer in our new January 2015 Catalog. They can’t wait to share their adventures with you. Pick up your favorite coloring medium and grab half a dozen new mice (or bears or bunnies) on January 23 (when they go live on our website) and get to coloring. That snow around your house will just melt while you play. Here’s a quick peek at some of our faves! (who are we kidding, they’re all our faves, and they’re all available in Wood Mounted or Cling Rubber). We’ll be posting more all week from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, so stay tuned!

Cake Nibbler by Kristine Reynolds
Cake Nibbler by Kristine Reynolds


Stack of Gifts (Patch) by Kristine Reynolds.
Stack of Gifts (Patch) by Kristine Reynolds.
Bearly Working by Pam Hornschu
Bearly Working by Pam Hornschu
Lollipop Lunch by Wendy Price
Lollipop Lunch by Wendy Price
Chamomile Nap by Jennie Lin Black
Chamomile Nap by Jennie Lin Black
Berry Sharing by Amy Hurley-Purdie
Berry Sharing by Amy Hurley-Purdie


Cheesy Gift by Jamie Martin
Cheesy Gift by Jamie Martin
Musical Mice by Lea Kimmel
Musical Mice by Lea Kimmel


HappyHoppers® are on the Loose!

We are so blessed and grateful to be carrying the House-Mouse Designs® characters here at Stampendous. We opened our collection last Fall with the delightful mice for Halloween, Fall and Christmas. Then in our October Catalog we added the darling HappyHoppers® bunnies to the team, and these sweet rabbits have stolen our hearts! We added more of them to our line in the January Catalog, and this week our team is showing you their favorite creations with these wonderful creatures from the pen of Ellen Jareckie! So many of them are perfect for Mother’s Day, or Baby, or Father’s Day. We’re just so excited to have these options. In this stamp Hop-It reads a story to Bumble and Itty Bit! So sweet.

HHP02 Reading Rabbits
HHP02 Reading Rabbits

Let’s see what our designers have posted for the beginning of this week:

Janelle Stollfus

Rhea Weigand

Kristine Reynolds