It’s a Wrap with Dreamweaver for Christmas Eve!


In case your enthusiasm for wrapping and last minute decor is waning, the Stampendous team has a few bright ideas for Dreamweaver Thursday, since it also happens to fall on Christmas Eve…

How about these cute and quick gift card holders created by Lyn Bernatovich…


Lyn gift card sleeve
Featuring Dreamweaver Gold Embossing Paste with the Big Dots stencils and the Holly Swirls Die, and Stampendous Gold Jewel Glitter.
Lyn TProll card holder
Paste-embossed with Regular Embossing Paste using the Dreamweaver Snow Spatter stencil, the Southwest Snowflake paste-embossed in Gold paste, and covered in Red Jewel Glitter…on a flattened TP roll insert.

And how about a few last minute tags for gift-giving?

WW_Pinecone tags cu
Machine-embossed with the Dreamweaver Pine Cones, inked and layered.

Wrapping things up for the holiday are these players…

Laura Drahozal

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Asia King

Dreamweaver Stencils: Falling in Leaf with You

I can promise you that today’s Dreamweaver Thursday post will NOT include any ghouls, ghosts, or goblins. No skeletons, no scares, no screeching. However, I am sure that today’s posts with the Stampendous/Dreamweaver team will leaf you with plenty of autumn inspiration. Before you leaf, check out these amazingly creative projects…


Featuring the Large Oak Leaves stencil with Crackle Embossing Paste.
Featuring the Great Pumpkin, and Long Pumpkins stencils, and Regular Embossing Paste.
Featuring the Oak Leaf stencil.
Featuring the Oak and Maple Leaf stencils.
Featuring the Maple Leaf stencil with Glossy Black Embossing Paste.

Haven’t seen enough? Then follow along for more fall fun with the team…

Louise Healy (DW)

Pam Hornschu (DW)

Lyn Bernatovich (DW)

Kristine Reynolds (DW)

Pam Bray

DREAMing of Mousey Mischief, etc.

EEEK! Mice have been invading the Stampendous blog all this week, and today they’re running rampant with Dreamweaver as well! Of course, we’re referring to our favorite House Mouse Designs® which are perfectly paired with Dreamweaver backgrounds and even embossing paste. As an example, here is Kristine Reynold’s “Potted Mouse”, using the perfect coordinating background… the Dreamweaver Black-eyed Susans stencil, paste-embossed, and ink-stenciled on top.

Potted Mouse by Kristine Reynolds
CRSHMM10 House Mouse Designs® Potted Mouse, DWDEP Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste, and DWLJ902 Black Eyed Susans

Follow the tiny mouse footprints to the rest of the team’s posts for more Dreamweaver/Stampendous fun:

Pam Hornschu

Dreamweaver Thursday: ‘SNOW Wonder We Love Embossing Paste!

What a fabulous week this has been, sharing our love of Dreamweaver by Stampendous Embossing Pastes with all of YOU! Today our expert Dreamweaver gals are showing off with some amazing creations featuring this fabulous product. But first, we’d like to share this project/tutorial as a bonus:

Displayed plaque

A wintery work of heart for someone special.

DW product banner

(Supplies: Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste, Season of Joy Stencil, Stampendous Multi Crystal Glitter, palette knife, Paste Spreader, Beacon Adhesive’s® Fast Finish™ and FabriTac™, white and aqua acrylic paints, brush, May Arts® Iridescent Ribbon, slate plaque, music sheet, removable tape)

Here are the steps:

Fast finish on music sheet
1. Brush apply Beacon Adhesive’s Fast Finish Decoupage over surface of slate plaque. Place torn music sheet on wet surface, and brush more over the top. Let dry. Dry brush aqua paint over surface, and let dry again.
Spreading paste
2. Tape stencil on all four sides to plaque. Apply paste to Spreader with palette knife, and pull across stencil design. Fill in gaps with dabs of paste. Pull spreader across again removing excess paste. Remove tape, and stencil. Clean stencil and spreader immediately.
pour glitter on paste
3. Pour Crystal glitter over wet paste. Pour excess glitter back into container. Let paste and glitter dry.
Pasting snow bank
4. Dab paste “snowbank” along the bottom of plaque, using palette knife. Sprinkle with glitter, and let dry overnight.
5. Trim back of decorative pine to lay flat. Dab white paint on tree, and sprinkle with glitter. Wrap torn and dry-brushed strip of music around tree, and adhere to plaque.
side view
6. Add a yummy ribbon bow and a paste and glitter dabbed pinecone to finish off this fun decor gift for YOUR special someone!
Check out more pasty perfection from our talented team:

Pam Hornschu (DW)


Dreamweaver Thursday: A Chameleon Christmas is July

Holiday Greetings Card by Louise Healy
Holiday Greetings Card by Louise Healy

Those of you who are fans of Dreamweaver Stencils know that there are some amazing Christmas and Holiday designs. Just for the fun of it, and for those who like to plan ahead, we’re posting along with the Stampendous team with Christmas in July. Oh, and for an extra twist…most of us are also adding Chameleons…pens that is! You’ll find a great mix today of Dreamweaver designs and Stampendous images, and all the other fun stuff that you love to play with, like some of these…

Peace on Earth Embossing Folder
Pine Cones Embossing Folder
Stockings by the Fire Stencil
Jumbo Merry Christmas Stencil
Ornate Christmas Tree Stencil
Ornate Christmas Tree Sten
Tall Poinsettia Stencil
Tall Poinsettia Stencil


Holly Die
Holly Die
Nested Oval Ornaments Dies
Nested Oval Ornaments Dies
Frantagé Christmas Micro Glitter Kit
Frantagé Christmas Micro Glitter Kit


So, follow along and be inspired…

Louise Healy

Jamie Martin

Remember that we’re hopping with Chameleon all of this week, so be sure to leave comments on that specific blog as well. You can find them listed HERE.

Dreamweaver Thursday: A Plethora of Pets and Pencils, and Possibly Paste?

merge Badge

Our Stampendous/Dreamweaver team is definitely in a whirl this week! Mixing it up with a plethora (word-for-the-day) of wonderful designs, along with amazing art tools from Faber-Castell, and then stirring in a healthy helping of Dreamweaver…and you have FUN, FUN, FUN! Some of us are playing with just one or two challenges this week, but many are taking on all three again, ‘cuz we’re crazy like that! And we want YOU to be crazy with us! Remember, you could win an amazing prize package from our hop with Faber-Castell, and you can find the deets HERE. Plus, you’ll find lots of great ideas with Dreamweaver by following these links:

Stampendous Blog

Dreamweaver Thursday: Mixing it Up!

The Stampendous/Dreamweaver team have been really busy this week between the Pop Ups and Puppies challenge and the Linnie Blooms Hop, but fortunately a little or a lot of Dreamweaver fits in perfectly. Some of our team members have even managed to incorporate all three into one project (‘cuz they’re talented that way!). So, in the line up below you’ll find a mix of everything for oodles of inspiration in your crafting this week! Here’s a few sneak peeks:




Here are the links for those posting specifically with Dreamweaver today:

Lyn Bernatovich

Pam Hornschu

Laura Drahozal

Louise Healy


Be sure to check out the postings for the Linnie Blooms Hop HERE. (Psst…there are prizes involved.)