Dreaming of Creative Painting With Stenciling

My Beautiful Life Canvas by Debbie Cole

Being it a painterly kind of week and all we are mixing it up a notch or two with stencils and paint today. Debbie Cole, Creative Decorative Artist, has made a beautiful background mix of stencil embossing, painting and stamping that dance around the canvas as happy as can be.

Bare Trees Pendant by Debbie Cole

Debbie’s artistic viewfinder focused on key branches from the Bare Trees Stencil to give this pendant necklace an interesting design. Just think of all the great pendants that can be created using various sections from a single stencil!

DWLJ820 Flower Lace, DWLJ927 Floral with Dots, DWLJ849 Bare Trees

There are more stencil and paint ideas from our team. Louise Healy combined embossed Maidenhair Fern Stencil and Honeycomb Stencil with paint to an excellent wall hanging. It is one of her favorite projects and I can see why.

Maidenhair Fern and Honeycomb Canvas by Louise Healy
DWLJ846 Maidenhair Fern, DWLJ806 Honeycomb, DWLX7027 Quatrefoil, DWLJ907 Small Damask

Pam Hornschu wowed our stencil loving hearts with this box in October. That Quatrefoil Stenciled box lid is jaw-dropping awesome with the complementing black Small Damask stenciling on the side of the box!

Skull Roses Box by Pam Hornschu
Skull Roses Box by Pam Hornschu

We are at Creative Paint right now with a busy hub of painters learning how to use our products with Debbie Cole and looking at the Dreamweaver Stencils displayed in our booth too! Stop by and say hello if you’re on the show floor, we are booth #402 – 406.

We’re Boxing Up Dreamweaver Thursday with Eileen Hull and Stampendous!


We hope you’ve been having fun “hopping” along the garden path with Eileen Hull’s popular line of Sizzix® dies and our darling new Stampendous Cottage Home and Mushroom Home stamps and dies sets. Many of our “gnome homes” are being inhabited by cute fairies, frogs, bunnies, etc. Since today is Dreamweaver Thursday, today you’ll have the opportunity to see ways in which you can individually decorate your own “gnome homes” with oodles of our stencil designs…like these…

Dreamweaver Quatrefoil, Honeycomb, Large Scales, and Mosaic Swirls.

Oh, and in case you need to “stucco” your Garden Home…

Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste

Just a reminder…there are THREE prize packages available to win this week which include these items…


Don’t forget to leave comments along the way, and if you need the rules or if you’ve missed any of the posts this week, head back to the Monday post HERE…and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our huge grand finale! Pssst…jaws will drop! (They will be tiny gnome jaws, but still…)

Louise Healy

Pam Bray

Laura Drahozal

Pam Hornschu

Lea Fritts

Eileen Hull Blog

Fashionably Framed Faces with Dreamweaver Stencils

Egyptian Queen side

Egyptian Queen Beauty Face by Pam Hornschu

All this week the Stampendous team is creating fabulous ways to frame the Faces of Stampendous. Some are with hairstyles, some with flowers and today it’s time to give these faces a bit of Dreamweaver Stencil flair.

Pam Hornschu had already been creating gorgeous projects with the Beauty Face stamp when it was part of the Blossom Beauty Stamp Set and it’s stellar don’t you think? She used the Dreamweaver Waves with Dots and ink stenciled the head-covering. There’s more information on Pam’s Monday post if you want to know more.

1-20160215 Faces of

Need some ideas to get you started? Use DWLJ820 Flower Lace Stencil as a wedding veil, DWLX7022 Vintage Decor Stencil would be great for a crown, and DWLJ840 Peacock Background Stencil is great for a masquerade style head-covering.

There are more ideas available today. Take a tour to some of our Dreamweaver Stencil veteran’s blogs, who have gathered up their background stencils and maybe even some special flourish ones to stencil the faces of Stampendous!

Lea Fritts

Pam Hornschu

Louise Healy

Laura Drahozal

Embossing Techniques Dreamweaver-Style

Dreamweaver Thursday is going puffy…and sparkly…and shiny…and textured…and cracked, all with the magic of Embossing Powders and Enamels! This week we’ve shown you wonderful examples of just a few of  the techniques in Fran Seiford’s new book as shown below, demonstrated with predominantly Stampendous images. Today we have plenty of embossing love to share with our Dreamweaver stencils!

Here are a few examples from the team…

Created by Louise Healy, featuring the Dreamweaver Dragon stencil, using the “Faux Cloisonné” technique found in Section F, page 24.


Created by Pam Hornschu featuring the Swirly Heart stencil design with glittery pink embossing powder from the Spring Sparkle Kit, using the “Painting with Powder” technique, found in section Y, pages 90-94.


Another “Painting with Powder” creation by Laura Drahozal. She really demonstrates the “painterly” feel to be achieved by this technique with the Dreamweaver Tree Line stencil.

LauraD_PWPTreelineFinally, another creation by Pam Hornschu, featuring the Peacock Stencil using the “Molten Magic” Technique, as found in section P, pages 38-39, with Fran•tagé Aged Enamels.


I bet we’ve surprised you today with the variety of techniques from the new book that can be easily used with Dreamweaver Stencils. We have a few more to share, but first a reminder…you can purchase the book online at Stampendous, or from crafting retail stores in your area…but wouldn’t it be awesome to win one? We are giving away THREE AUTOGRAPHED copies of the new Embossing Powder Techniques from A to Z by Fran Seiford. For a chance to be a randomly selected winner, leave comments on everyone’s posts for this week, and double check the Prize Rules HERE.

Lea Fritts (DW and Embossing)

Jamie Martin (DW and Embossing)

Laura Drahozal (DW and Embossing)

Pam Hornschu (DW and Embossing)

Louise Healy (DW and Embossing)

and in case you missed it yesterday…

Kristine Reynolds (DW and Embossing)



Dreamweaver Thursday: Dreaming of a Holy Child

If you are the person that believes that the “reason for the season” is not about fighting to buy that item that is sold out everywhere, that it’s not about piles of presents under the tree, and that it’s not about how many parties you get invited to, but rather about celebrating the birth of the son of God…than this has to be the best week on the Stampendous blog for you! You’ve noticed by now that the Dreamweaver stencils, as well as the Stampendous line of images, provides many inspirational designs to touch your heart and those of your loved ones. Here’s just a few from the Dreamweaver line…

Jumbo Merry Christmas
Dreamweaver Manger
Standing Angel
Joseph and Mary
Peace on Earth

Our wonderful team have more inspirational inspiration (and yes, that was deliberate!) for you on their blogs…

Laura Drahozal

Lea Fritts

Pam Bray

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu


A Stencil, A Stamp, and A Glue Dot® Walk Into a Craft Bar…


Okay, I’m trying to come up with a clever new way to say that the Stampendous/Dreamweaver team has been BUSY this month! This week has been no exception. And today is a three-for-one! One of the perks of being on the team is that we frequently have the opportunity to have “play dates” with other craft companies, and share lots of goodies, and give away lots of goodies! Like the prize package shown below…


As our fans know we love a contest while we hop so three lucky commenters will win a prize package that includes:

Glue Dots® Craft Dots 3/8”
Glue Dots® Mini Dots 3/16”
Glue Dots® Removable Dots 3/8”

CRS5080 Cling Create Christmas Stamp Set by Stampendous®
DCS5080 Create Christmas Die Set by Stampendous®
MGK02 Christmas Micro Glitter Kit by Stampendous®

Just comment on both company blogs and all the design team posts for our hop with Glue Dots. Commenting is open until Sunday, November 1st at 11:59 pm and winners will be announced sometime on Monday, November 2nd. See Official Contest Rules.

Australian fans, one lucky commenter will win a great prize package from our Australian Distributor The Stencil Specialists that include a Stampendous Stamp, Dreamweaver Stencil and a surprise Stampendous goodie! Let us know where you live when you comment!

Now before you run off to check out our wonderfully “sticky” projects, remember it is also Dreamweaver Thursday, so there will be plenty of bright ideas to use Glue Dots along with your stencil projects, as well as your favorite Stampendous stamps and accessories. You’ve seen the stencils below as suggestions for using with the Buttons Galore challenge a couple of weeks ago. These same stencil designs (and many others) are perfect for adding other embellishments with Glue Dots, including buttons, bows, etc., and as you’ve seen this week, the Glue Dots are ideal for adhering any of our wonderful line of Essential Accessories…glitter, Fran•tagé Enamels and Encrusted Jewel Kits as well.

Dreamweaver Christmas TreeHolly SwirlsReindogSnowmanSwirly Tree

Beware! You might see happy holiday projects, but there might be a few of the crafting dead as well, in answer to our “It’s All About the Dead” challenge for this week.

Here are the designers that are playing along today –

Stampendous Stamps Blog

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu

Lea Fritts

Glue Dots Blog

Haunting It With Dreamweaver Stencils

Most of our line of Dreamweaver Stencils are hauntingly lovely, but did you know there are many that can be lovely to haunt with? Here’s just a few of our favorites…

Dreamweaver Spider, Bats, Jack O’ Lanterns, and Spider Web

For those of you who like to think outside the spider web…what Halloween twist could you create with these…?

Dreamweaver Owl, Dog, Bare Trees, Retro Sitting Cat

The Retro Sitting Cat seems perfectly innocuous until it’s been spooked up a bit. Check out this hauntingly lovely creation by Stampendous Team alumni, Jenn Dove


See how fun it can be fun to take an everyday design and morph it into something completely different? We’d love to see how you’d morph your stash of Dreamweaver stencils into haunted Halloween creations. Post your spooky best on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and tag us with #Stampendous and/or #DWStencils!

Take a trip through the rest of our haunted ghouls…um, I mean girls…bwahahahaha!

Lyn Bernatovich

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Fritts

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Laura Drahozal

Louise Healy

Pam Hornschu

Alison Heikkila

Clinging To Pumpkins On A Dreamweaver Thursday

We are clinging on to our pumpkin theme this week with a great tutorial that could be a little clingy and addicting, because you’ll be clinging to everything once you’ve seen what’s up with stencils and pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins here are a few of the popular stencils on our website.

DWLL3036 The Great Pumpkin Stencil
DWLL3036 The Great Pumpkin Stencil



DWLL531 Jack O Lanterns Stencil
DWLL531 Jack O Lanterns Stencil


Here’s a great tutorial from the archives that will help you cling to new ways of using your stencil designs.


Taped stencil

Step 1: Apply tape to all four sides of stencil and onto craft sheet.

Paste on spreader

Step 2: Using palette knife, apply paste along edge of spreader approximately the same width as the stencil design.

Spreading paste

Step 3: Spread four fingers along back of spreader, and apply paste at an acute angle across the stencil. If there are gaps, place paste with palette knife in them, and then go back over the design with the spreader at a 90 degree angle.


removed stencil

Step 4: Carefully remove tape from three sides and use a fourth piece as a hinge to lift stencil up and away. Clean stencil immediately with warm water and a nail brush.

Glitter coverage

Step 5: Pour glitter over wet paste and carefully press into surface. Set aside to dry.

(Follow above steps with Bats stencil as well.)

glue connectors

Step 6: When dry, shake off glitter onto scrap paper, and funnel back into jar. (Note: A “Swiffer” cloth is great for removing excess glitter.) Apply drops of glue between each section of design as a bridge. Let dry.

Decor pumpkin cu

Bats on pumpkin cu

Step 7: Carefully peel “clings” from craft sheet and press apply onto clean pumpkins, no extra glue needed. Clings can be removed if desired. They can also be pressed onto windows, glass hurricane lanterns, etc.

doorstep vignette

Now for some pretty pumpkin projects from these stencil artists —

Laura Drahozal

Lyn Bernatovich

Louise Healy

Pam Bray

Lea Fritts

Are you joining us this week in our partner hop? Come have some fun and inspiration!

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Dreamweaver Thursday: Double the Sparkle

Have you been loving our double helpings of Dreamweaver this week on the Stampendous Blog, as well as on our the team’s postings? Today we’re serving up more delish Dreamweaver Doubles with added sparkle, featuring the Double Glitter technique, as shown in this video:

And how about a couple of additional sparklers by our own Laura Drahozal and Louise Healy featuring the Dreamweaver designs along with Stampendous Micro and Ultra fine glitters?



So many of our team members would love to show what they’ve done with their Dreamweaver products  by Stampendous. Check them out!

Pam Hornschu

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Lyn Bernatovich

Louise Healy

Kristine Reynolds

Tenia Nelson

Alison Heikkila

Laura Drahozal

Dreamweaver Thursday: Dreaming of the Sea!

merge Badge

Once again we have a full week of inspiration to keep us busy. We’ve been playing “By the Sea”. Collaborating with our favorite frill company, May Arts! And today we’re mixing in some Dreamweaver magic as well! As a reminder of how this could be done, here’s a glimpse back at a post by Pam featuring all three components:


Jump in, feet first, into the wonderful world of Stampendous/Dreamweaver/and May Arts…seaside-style:

Jamie Martin

Kristine Reynolds

Alison Heikkila

Amy Osborn Purdie

Pam Hornschu

Lyn Bernatovich

Laura Drahozal

Louise Healy