Au Revoir, Paris!

Paris Bonjour Banner


It’s time to say au revoir to our Paris Bonjour set! But it’s certainly not adieu! You’ll see a lot more of this great set in the future, and we are adding new projects to our website all the time! Just visit and search Paris up at the top to watch as they get uploaded! Today we want to show you our fabulous 6″ X 6″ Paris Map Cling Rubber StampThis awesome background is great for all your travel memories, it’s a wonderful map of Paris, completely hand-drawn by Fran herself.  She was inspired to do this by a trip she took to Paris last Summer. They walked 29K steps all over this magical city!

Paris Map Cling Rubber Stamp
6CR008 Cling Paris Map – 6″ X 6″ Rubber Stamp

Here are some of the samples Fran made with the Paris Bonjour Set and the Paris Map. You can click on them to see them larger, and we will work on putting them up on the website as well. Notice where she has used the free fleur de lis stencil that comes with the stamp set (the small ones), and where she has used the large fleur de lis die cut that comes in the cutting dies set.  Remember, we’ll give away three sets to lucky winners, with U.S. Addresses, who comment!!!

Take a quick look at this wonderful set along with Fran in her newest YouTube video:

There is more inspiration available from our Design Team! Be sure to stop by their blogs and wish them bon voyage as their dreams take flight for Paris!!

Alison Heikkila

Lea Fritts

Kathi Rerek


Falling for Decor Cling Rubber!

Decor Cling Fall Title

Our newest product line at Stampendous features gorgeous 8″ X 8″ stamps with fantastic designs for backgrounds on every kind of project. Cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, decorative painting, mixed media, all of these can use our beautiful Decor Cling stamps to great advantage. There’s even a brand new handle for them which has all sorts of possibilities on its own!  We love them! Have a look at this wonderful product!

DCR101 Decor Cling Leaves
DCR101 Leaves Decor Cling Rubber
DCR102 Snowflakes Decor Cling Rubber Stamp
DCR102 Snowflakes Decor Cling Rubber
DCR103 Script Decor Cling Rubber Stamp
DCR103 Script Decor Cling Rubber
DCR104 Dream Decor Cling Rubber Stamp
DCR104 Dream Decor Cling Rubber
DCR105 Music Decor Cling Rubber Stamp
DCR105 Music Decor Cling Rubber
SSH88 Decor Cling Handle
SSH88 Decor Cling Clear Acrylic Handle


We’re pretty excited about sharing our wonderful projects with you this week! We’ve got some extra projects from some amazing decorative painters to share as well.  Let’s start by looking at what our Design Team is sharing today:

Alison Heikkila

Kristine Reynolds


We’ll see you tomorrow for a look at more awesome projects!







Celebrate the Season With Friends

HMR38 Joyful Noise Stamp

Forget the hustle and bustle and simply make time to enjoy friends, family and places around us. At least that is how it looks for our focus on House-Mouse stamps today. Amanda has her bugle at tempo with a friend who’s all in for the holiday season. See them in wonderful color on this card by Laura Drahozal.

Joyful Noise by Laura Drahozal
Joyful Noise by Laura Drahozal
HMP32 Gift For Kitty Stamp

It is a great friend who gives their best gift… themselves. A gorgeous Christmas theme card by Kristine Reynolds shows off these friends and they would work well for any gift giving occasion or birthday scrapbook layout.

Gift For Kitty by Kristine Reynolds
Gift For Kitty by Kristine Reynolds

It’s time for our designers to hand out inspiration over on their blogs, let’s see what they designed for our Celebrate the Season theme!

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Fritts

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Hornschu

Caroling, Characters and Mistletoe Smooches

HHP09 HappyHoppers® Mistletoe Bunnies Stamp
It’s time for more of our theme, Celebrate the Season, with these adorable House-Mouse Designs®. We have some pretty awesome samples here on our blog, but you will also find them in our projects section too!

Our first stamp are those lovely hoppers having a sweet mistletoe moment and Jennie Lin Black’s card is so striking with colorful contrasts and our Retro Christmas stamp.

Mistletoe Bunnies by Jennie Lin Black
Mistletoe Bunnies by Jennie Lin Black

HMR36 Christmas Characters Stamp
Can you believe these characters? Acting up at Christmas time. Well Muzzy is as angelic as always and in this card design by Pam Hornschu she really has herself looking drained from all the shenanigans.

Christmas Characters by Pam Hornschu
Christmas Characters by Pam Hornschu

HMR37 Candle Carolers Stamp
If you love the songs at Christmas time and want to share an image of singing carols by candle light, then this House-Mouse stamp is for you! Kristine Reynolds created such a sweet scene that is so “berry” festive!

Candle Carolers by Kristine Reynolds

Ready for some more fantastic inspiration to celebrate the season right with House-Mouse Designs? Let’s get started with these designers blog posts.

Louise Healy

Alison Heikkila

Pam Hornschu

Janelle Stollfus

Celebrate the Season

HMP33 Juggling Ornaments Wood Stamp

Our mice are stirring around the blog this week, preparing for the approaching holidays. Let’s check in on Monica, Muzzy, Amanda, Maxwell and Mudpie to see how they celebrate the season. Amanda and Monica are master tree decorators feeling at ease to juggle as they add them to the tree.

Juggling Ornaments by Pam Bray

Once the ornaments are hung, it’s time to enjoy them! Monica is having fun on a carousel ride to celebrate.

HMR40 Carousel Ornaments Wood Stamp

A beautiful card by Jennie Lin Black shows just how pleased Monica is at getting a leisure ride in the tree.

Carousel Ornament by Jennie Lin Black

Better not forget the mistletoe! Monica, Muzzy and Amanda are trying out the mistletoe to see if it really does work!

HMP35 Mistletoe Mice Wood Stamp

And Pam Hornschu has that magical touch with the Mistletoe Mice stamp and a beautiful card to show for it.

Mistletoe Mice by Pam Hornschu

Let’s see who else is preparing for the holidays on today designers blog posts.

Kristine Reynolds

Alison Heikkila

Tenia Nelson

Pam Bray

We’ll see you back here on Wednesday with some exciting news of CHA Mega Show 2016!

Decorative Painting with Stampendous and Dreamweaver

The month of October has been a celebration of all things Halloween, but did you know that it has also been Decorative Painters’ Month? We are very fortunate at Stampendous to have a highly accredited, respected, and loved member of the Society of Decorative Painters…Debbie Cole. She has been one of several that have enjoyed incorporating Stampendous designs and products into her artwork. Here are just a few of her creations…

Dreamweaver Damask StencilMetallic Gold Embossing PasteCling Create a PoinsettiaCling Vintage Note
Cling Whispered WishesDreamweaver Snowflakes BackgroundRegular Embossing PasteMicro Crystal Glitter
Cling Snow QueenCling Snowflake SkyMicro Crystal GlitterShaved IceDreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste

These are just three of her winter holiday designs based on Stampendous images! You can view these and more, including instructions on her website/blog HERE. For more inspiration on decorative painting with Stampendous products, check out our Pinterest board filled with wonderful ideas. For more info on the Society of Decorative Painters, you can visit their site HERE. Now, we’ll leave you with an amazing tutorial from Debbie, sure to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, we’d love for you to share your creations on the Stampendous Facebook Page.

Clinging To Pumpkins On A Dreamweaver Thursday

We are clinging on to our pumpkin theme this week with a great tutorial that could be a little clingy and addicting, because you’ll be clinging to everything once you’ve seen what’s up with stencils and pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins here are a few of the popular stencils on our website.

DWLL3036 The Great Pumpkin Stencil
DWLL3036 The Great Pumpkin Stencil



DWLL531 Jack O Lanterns Stencil
DWLL531 Jack O Lanterns Stencil


Here’s a great tutorial from the archives that will help you cling to new ways of using your stencil designs.


Taped stencil

Step 1: Apply tape to all four sides of stencil and onto craft sheet.

Paste on spreader

Step 2: Using palette knife, apply paste along edge of spreader approximately the same width as the stencil design.

Spreading paste

Step 3: Spread four fingers along back of spreader, and apply paste at an acute angle across the stencil. If there are gaps, place paste with palette knife in them, and then go back over the design with the spreader at a 90 degree angle.


removed stencil

Step 4: Carefully remove tape from three sides and use a fourth piece as a hinge to lift stencil up and away. Clean stencil immediately with warm water and a nail brush.

Glitter coverage

Step 5: Pour glitter over wet paste and carefully press into surface. Set aside to dry.

(Follow above steps with Bats stencil as well.)

glue connectors

Step 6: When dry, shake off glitter onto scrap paper, and funnel back into jar. (Note: A “Swiffer” cloth is great for removing excess glitter.) Apply drops of glue between each section of design as a bridge. Let dry.

Decor pumpkin cu

Bats on pumpkin cu

Step 7: Carefully peel “clings” from craft sheet and press apply onto clean pumpkins, no extra glue needed. Clings can be removed if desired. They can also be pressed onto windows, glass hurricane lanterns, etc.

doorstep vignette

Now for some pretty pumpkin projects from these stencil artists —

Laura Drahozal

Lyn Bernatovich

Louise Healy

Pam Bray

Lea Fritts

Are you joining us this week in our partner hop? Come have some fun and inspiration!

Oct Hop Social Media

Dreamweaver Thursday: ‘SNOW Wonder We Love Embossing Paste!

What a fabulous week this has been, sharing our love of Dreamweaver by Stampendous Embossing Pastes with all of YOU! Today our expert Dreamweaver gals are showing off with some amazing creations featuring this fabulous product. But first, we’d like to share this project/tutorial as a bonus:

Displayed plaque

A wintery work of heart for someone special.

DW product banner

(Supplies: Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste, Season of Joy Stencil, Stampendous Multi Crystal Glitter, palette knife, Paste Spreader, Beacon Adhesive’s® Fast Finish™ and FabriTac™, white and aqua acrylic paints, brush, May Arts® Iridescent Ribbon, slate plaque, music sheet, removable tape)

Here are the steps:

Fast finish on music sheet
1. Brush apply Beacon Adhesive’s Fast Finish Decoupage over surface of slate plaque. Place torn music sheet on wet surface, and brush more over the top. Let dry. Dry brush aqua paint over surface, and let dry again.
Spreading paste
2. Tape stencil on all four sides to plaque. Apply paste to Spreader with palette knife, and pull across stencil design. Fill in gaps with dabs of paste. Pull spreader across again removing excess paste. Remove tape, and stencil. Clean stencil and spreader immediately.
pour glitter on paste
3. Pour Crystal glitter over wet paste. Pour excess glitter back into container. Let paste and glitter dry.
Pasting snow bank
4. Dab paste “snowbank” along the bottom of plaque, using palette knife. Sprinkle with glitter, and let dry overnight.
5. Trim back of decorative pine to lay flat. Dab white paint on tree, and sprinkle with glitter. Wrap torn and dry-brushed strip of music around tree, and adhere to plaque.
side view
6. Add a yummy ribbon bow and a paste and glitter dabbed pinecone to finish off this fun decor gift for YOUR special someone!
Check out more pasty perfection from our talented team:

Pam Hornschu (DW)