Friday Flowers are Best!

We have one more group of fantastic floral creations to share with you, and one more Design Team project we know you’ll love!

Rhea Weigand is an amazing Copic Artist and she’s a member of our Educator Team. She teaches numerous classes featuring our products, and she often contributes to our catalog samples as she creates her class projects. Our April 2016 Catalog is no exception, and several of her wonderful creations are in its pages! Here are a few:


Be sure to pop over to Pam’s blog for her wonderful floral project for this week as well:

Pam Bray

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to picking flowers for your many greeting cards, scrapbook pages, home decor pieces and more. We really want to thank you for picking Stampendous!

The Earth Giggles in Flowers

We’re taking time to smell the roses this week, and the poppies and the daisies and flowers and foliage of every sort. Our Designers let us know they had lots left to share with you from our April 2016 Catalog, so we’re making room for all that beauty.

Flowers are one of the most fun images to color with any medium, so they lend themselves particularly well to cardmaking. They’re also very versatile, so you can pair them with any good word set and have a greeting card for just about any occasion. We hope you’ll visit our Designers’ blogs this week, leave them some comments, then take some time to stamp and color some flowers for yourself!

Here are a few more gorgeous cards we received from the inimitable Jennie Lin Black. She does love coloring with those Copic Markers, and flowers are one of her specialties!


Now go take a look at our participating Designer’s today, they’re giggling with flowers just for you! Remember to leave a comment or two!

Jamie Martin (posted on Sunday)

Pam Bray


There are Always Flowers…

… for those who want to see them.  – Henri Matisse

We’re celebrating flowers this week on the Stampendous blog! We can’t wait to get around to sharing our new Holiday goodness with you, but our retail stores are stocking up now so that they can fill your orders, and our Design Team let us know that they had more fun to share from our April Catalog! No wonder, it was such a gorgeous celebration of Spring and Summer, and flowers are a big part of that! Florals, trees, nature of all kind, in all her glory! You’ll find lots of it here!

Here are some of our favorite projects we received from Designers Jennie Lin Black and Rhea Weigand on our Educator Team and from our Creative Artist Consultant, Debbie Cole, CDA at Stampendous for these great products:


Our fantastic Design Team has some more wonderful things to share with you! Please click on each name below to visit their blogs and see their gorgeous projects. And we know they’d love it if you would stop and smell the flowers for a little bit, and leave a comment for each of them!

Alison Heikkila

Louise Healy

Jamie Martin

31 Days of Halloween – Day 3

31 days of Halloween banner

Designer Pam Hornschu has a real treat today for our third haunting installment of 31 Days of Halloween. You’ll be inspired to make one of your own!

Visit us each day to see the new list of who is posting, plus a tease of their project. Every project for this blog hop will be brand new! Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite inspiration for the year’s spookiest day.

Of course there are PRIZES!!! Scavenger hunts and heaps of prizes are hidden all over the interwebs. Details at A Grand Prize Drawing as well. Visit them to find out all the gory details!


31 Days 2015 badge

First some adorable scary inspiration for you from the Stampendous Archives – from Designer Alumni Rhea Weigand (click the picture to see the directions for this project!)

HMP17 Garlic Scare by Rhea Weigand

And playing today with BRAND NEW inspiration from the Stampendous Design Team –

Pam Hornschu

Here is the complete hop list for those who want to start at the beginning! Happy hopping!


Black Dragon








Lost Coast Portal To Creativity




Lisa F



Lisa H

Stampendous Stamps


Sarah S

Airless Chambers

Susan R

Dream In Darkness

De Stempelwinkel

Leslie Rahye







Tiny Tuesday Trick or Treaters

Our friendly critters from House-Mouse Designs® are all dressed up to collect as many treats as they can! They love trick or treating and wearing their cute costumes! Our Design Team is showing off their Treat ‘n Greet skills this week by featuring their House-Mouse Halloween Cards. Look at this darling card by Jennie Lin Black!

Three Witches by Jennie Lin Black
Three Witches by Jennie Lin Black

Check out the terrific projects by our other DT members sharing today:

Rhea Weigand

Tenia Nelson

Butterfly Collages, Summer on the Wing

This week our Design Team is playing with the beautiful butterfly stamps we released in April. These gorgeous images are already collaged for you. With enough area to be fun to color and enough background to save you heaps of time, they’re a super quick way to get a gloriously textured, layered card. You can cut out the butterfly from a second stamping to add depth, or simply stamp in black over your Creative Palette monoprints for a fast and easy card.

Both Butterfly Tune

Butterfly Tune Wood Mounted Stamp

P223 Butterfly Tune Wood Mounted Stamp

And Butterfly Pattern

CRP224 Cling Butterfly PatternCRP224 Cling Butterfly Pattern

Come in wood mounted and Cling Rubber styles. Our Design Team have made fantastic samples of these great designs, and we’ll be sharing them all week. Here’s who is showing projects today:

Jamie Martin

Kristine Reynolds

Up, Up, and Away, Santa!!

This week we’re looking at Santa images in the July 2013 Catalog from Stampendous. Our very own BlogStar Tobi Crawford is taking Santa To new heights with a super look of monochrome with a pop of color!  After you check out her cool tutorial, be sure to take a gander at these terrific images from the rest of our Design Team:

Krissy Fossmeyer

Kristine Reynolds

It’s Tobi Crawford here with another quick look at how I choose my Copics for optimal shading. For today’s card I chose the gorgeous Cling Santa Air Drop stamp.
I was looking at this scene and wondered how I could really focus on Santa and his presents and considered the “Spotlight Technique” (that’s where you have a punched-out area of the stamp that’s coloured and everything else is not) but decided to go in a slightly different direction. I don’t know what I would call this technique, but having everything monochromatic except for the focal point of the image is another fun way to switch up your colouring.
Here’s how I coloured the grays:
As you can see, I went through the entire image and coloured all of the dark/shadows (C7), then into the mediums (C5/C3) then the lightest marker (C1).
Here’s the completed card! To enhance the grays and give other parts of the image a little pizzazz, I added some Crystal Micro Glitter by going over bits with a glue pen. It’s a quick and easy way to add glitter!!
Thanks for joining me today, and happy colouring!

Coloring our Friends from House-Mouse Designs®

You asked for it… here it is! The wonderful Rhea Weigand has taken time out from her insane schedule to color in our wonderful House-Mouse Designs® characters with her magic, Copic Markers so that you can easily copy her great coloring!

The chart will live on our website where you can check it out as desired – Copic Coloring Chart for House-Mouse Designs®

We’ve made a page here on our blog for it that you can bookmark – Copic Coloring Chart for House-Mouse Designs® Characters

If you click on the image it will enlarge, and if you click again on any portion you can really see the detail!

We hope this will be a huge help in making all your mice look as friendly and fun as ours do!

Colored House Mouse Chartff370-hmcv02monica600px

Chin Up Monica by Rhea Weigand
Chin Up Monica by Rhea Weigand
Deck the Halls by Rhea Weigand
Deck the Halls by Rhea Weigand

Gifts to Tie with Rhea


This week we’re focusing on two of our newest stamps from House-Mouse Designs®, Gifts Galore and Gifts to Tie. One thing that is so terrific about these two images is that while they work perfectly for Christmas, they really shine every day for any gift-giving occasion. Today  BlogStar Rhea Weigand has a tutorial for you on the little Gifts to Tie stamp featuring Monica the Mouse.


Hello, Rhea here and today I would like you to meet Monica from the House-Mouse® Family.  I have a tutorial on how to color Monica with Copic Markers.  I am so happy Stampendous is producing the House-Mouse Designs® in cling as well as wood.
Everyone, meet Monica.  She is gray with a teeny, tiny body and big feet!  She tends to be sweet and innocent and charming. Maxwell doesn’t want his little sister to know just how precious he thinks she is.  Here she is wrapping a birthday present for a special friend because she is so sweet and thoughtful.
Skin tone on the mice are just like people.
  1. With E50 color the face, hands, feet and inside ears
    1. Make sure to go into the fur area.  You don’t want a line.  You will also bring the fur down into the skin tone to give a natural look.
  2. With E51 add shading around eyes, inside ears, hands where fur meets and feet where fur meets.
  3. With E04 use tip to tip with E50 to lightly add color to cheeks, nose and inside ears.  you can also add a nice little shadow to hands and feet.
  4. With BV20 use tip to tip with E50 and add shadows to feet and hands.  Now lightly add shadow to each side of the nose.
  5. With BV20 only go back and lightly add shadow in the darker areas of feet and inside ears.
Fur is important.  With the mice the lines are drawn which will make it easier.  You will color making a flicking motion.  “light” flicking back and forth
The other thing that is important is to color everything around the mouse before you color the mouse itself.  It is furry.  If you color the mouse first you will loose the fur outside of the body when you color what is behind it.  You will see when you color it.
  1. With T1 “flick” lightly back and fourth and go outside the lines.  Leave white paper showing
  2. With T3 “Flick” lightly in your shadows to start bringing them to life
  3. With T5 “Flick” lightly” more shadows in smaller areas then blend with T3 and T1.  You should be “flicking” all the time.  The darker areas now are becoming fully saturated with color and that is ok.  You should still be seeing some of the white paper in the lighter areas.
  4. With T7 “DOT” deeper shadows only in very small areas to add deep contrast.  Then “DOT” T5 to blend into the rest of the body repeat with T3 if needed.
They really are quick and easy to color and so very, very sweet.  I will be bringing the other members of Monica’s family to you over the next several weeks. I will be sharing their Copic Colors and a little about their personalities as well.  Happy coloring!

When you care enough – you give a Very Mice Gift!

Each week through the Holidays we’ll be bringing you some new items from our July 2013 Catalog and taking a closer look at specific designs. We’ll show you lots of ideas from various Design Team members, and direct you to their blogs for tutorials, instructions and more!


We’re starting off with two charming stamps from our House-Mouse Designs® collection. Gifts to Tie and Gifts Galore feature Monica Mouse and her friend in a frenzy of Christmas package preparation. But the great thing about these stamps is they can easily be adapted for everyday gift-giving as well. Perfect for tags, cards, gift wrap and more, you’ll love these darling, easy to personalize images! Available in both wood mounted and Cling Rubber™ they make crisp, detailed impressions that are easy to stamp and color in any color you like.

Gifts to Tie - wood mounted
Gifts to Tie – wood mounted
Gifts to Tie Cling Rubber
Gifts to Tie Cling Rubber
Gifts to Tie by Jennifer Dove
Gifts to Tie by Jennifer Dove
Gifts Galore - Wood Mounted
Gifts Galore – Wood Mounted
Gifts Galore Cling Rubber™
Gifts Galore Cling Rubber™
Gifts Galore by Jennifer Dove
Gifts Galore by Jennifer Dove