Haul out the Holly!!

Getting Ready for Christmas

We’re sharing decorating tips from your favorite mice this week! Our design team made some great projects featuring the newest stamps from House-Mouse Designs®. We’re getting ready for Christmas, and you’ll love what we’ve made. You can click on the pictures to visit the project section of our website and see the supplies and instructions for these great projects.

Reading the Night Before Christmas is a favorite tradition in my house. This darling framed image by decorative painter Debbie Cole, CDA is a great way to commemorate that fun time.

The Night Before Christmas by Debbie Cole, CDA
The Night Before Christmas by Debbie Cole, CDA

Of course you can do this adorable stamp as a cute Christmas card, too! Here, in-house Sample Artist Debi Hammons added a string of tiny lights as an easy embellishment to the card! She even made a matching envelope!

The Night Before Christmas by Debi Hammons
The Night Before Christmas by Debi Hammons

A Tree-O of Trees

Stephanie Lee, our incredible Blog Star sent us another Christmas Card for inspiration for your “last-minute-card-making-list.”

“Christmas trees are the quintessential symbol of Christmas for me – it just doesn’t feel like Christmas in our house without a tree (real or fake). My tree at home probably will not win any awards – it’s full of mismatched children arts that only a mother could love, handpicked ornaments that tell our story, special heirloom and keepsake ornaments. I love my meaningful tree but I also miss shopping for and decorating the fancy matching tree … so here it is on my card instead.”

"A Tree-O of Trees" by Stephanie Lee

“I stamped a couple of Stampendous Cling Tinsel Tree onto patterned paper, embossed the pots with Aged Gold Embossing Enamel and covered the stars with Halo gold mix glitter. Added a few dots of red stickles to the tree and fussy cut out the trees.

Then I stamped a card with 1 tree image (didn’t want too many background stars) and added more glitter on the stars on the background.

Assemble your card by added some left over burlap I had from making a wreath to the card, adhere the left and right tree onto the card 1st, then popped up the middle tree onto the 1st 2 trees. Finish with ready made sentiment tag (I got mine from a box of chocolates).”  – Stephanie

Oh Christmas tree, my Christmas tree!

If you haven’t started making your Christmas gifts and decorations by now, you are cutting it awfully close. And we are here to help you with some last minute crafty ideas. Today’s project is a paper tree, by Pam Hornschu. It wood be absolutely perfect fir decorating the dining table! To get your Shape Shiftable Jumbo Tree into its original shape, line up the Perfectly Clear™ Stamp face down on the picture printed on its carrier sheet. Then lower your clear acrylic handle on to the stamp. It will adhere to the block in just the right shape. Then you can stamp them with sides adjoining to make this perfect tree. Use 3 trees for the top layer, 4 for the middle layer, and 5 for the bottom layer. Voila! A very cool bit of yule decor.

Recipe for Merry Christmas Paper Tree by Pam Hornschu: