Spookie Cookies!

I’d have to say that my absolute favorite thing about working for Stampendous is coming up with creative new ways to make cards and gifts. And when I was scratching my head for Halloween treat ideas I realized I could combine my love for stamping with my love of baking for this week’s fun project:

Halloween & Heart Cookies:

These were actually pretty easy to make and would be really fun for the whole family! I bought all the ingredients pre-made and that helped save a lot of time and stress. All you’ll need to make these are:

  • A roll of pre-made sugar-cookie dough
  • Flour
  • Orange and purple pre-made fondant I picked up at the local Michaels craft store
  • A heart cookie cutter and a circle cookie cutter around 3 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter
  • A baking sheet & rolling pin
  • Cling Rubber Spider Web Set
  • Crr124 Cling Rubber Love Groove Stamp – COMING SOON!
  • Large Rectangle Acrylic Handle
  • And lastly, you’ll need an oven!

First I took the rolling pin, rubbed flour on the pin and the dough, rolled out all the cookie dough till it was thin and flat, used the cookie cutters to cut out my heart and circle cookie shapes and then I placed them on the baking sheet. I put them in the oven and baked them for the time specified on the cookie dough packaging.

While the cookies were baking (and I was drooling from the delicious smell), I took the fondant and rolled it out till it was thin and flat just like the cookies. And just like the cookies, I used flour to keep the rolling pin from sticking to it. Next I took the stamp and pressed it into the fondant. I had to press fairly hard to get a good impression.

Then I slowly peeled the fondant away from the stamp. Be careful when you’re doing this. If you pull the fondant off too quickly it will rip.

Next I took the same cookie cutters that I used on the dough to cut out heart and circles in the fondant.

After I let the cookies sit for ten minutes, I places the fondant shapes on top of them. I added little spiders to the webs by rolling the purple fondant into tiny balls for the bodies and little cylinders for the legs. You could even go one step further and use food decorating frosting, pens and sprinkles to fill in the designs.

If you have any questions about how these were made you can ask in the comments section below.

And if you decide to make these and for a party or give them as a gift, they’d be perfect to put in our Frankie Pail made with food safe pails!!

– Gennifer from Stampendous

Stampendous Favorite Stampers: Birthdays, Part 2

Bet you wanted to see more cute birthday cards after last week’s Stampendous Favorite Stampers: Birthday post! Well, you are in luck! Enjoy even more AMAZING birthday cards by some of our favorite bloggers:

MaryJoM_Changito BakerCARD BYMaryJoM_Changito Baker

Our first card is by MaryJo M. You can find the card at her blog http://www.monkeyscrapbooks.blogspot.com/. Stampendous Stamps Used:

NicoleD_ScrumptiousShoesCARD BYNicoleD_ScrumptiousShoes

Our second card is by Nicole D. You can find the card at her blog http://monatyza.blogspot.com/. Stampendous Stamps Used:

  • F154 A La Mode (to find this stamp, ask your local retailer. Find your local retailer here).
  • M161 Birthday Cake (to find this stamp, ask your local retailer. Find your local retailer here).

TerricaTCakeCARD BYTerricaTCake

Our next card is by Terrica T. Stampendous Stamps Used:

TerricaTHoorayCARD BYTerricaTHooray

Our last card is also by Terrica T. Stampendous Stamps Used: