Our Angel Policy

Stampendous Copyright Guidelines – Our Angel Policy

Angel Policy PhotoCan images be hand-stamped for personal, non-commercial enjoyment?

  • Yes, all Stampendous and licensed images may be used.

Can images be hand-stamped for resale or other commercial purposes?

  • Stampendous is an Angel Company. Our designs may
    be used on products for sale, as long as the images are entirely hand-stamped. They may not be mechanically, digitally, or
    electronically reproduced in any way. This applies ONLY to designs which are ©Fran Seiford and Stampendous.
    Designs we license, or have licensed in the past, by other designers
    (i.e. House-Mouse Designs®, *nStudios, Cherished Teddies, Precious Moments, etc.) have their own policies for use of their artworks. Please consult their individual companies.
  • The Angel Policy for House-Mouse Designs® can be found HERE.

Can images be mechanically reproduced for non-commercial, non-profit enjoyment such as color copying, scanning or scrapbooking?

  • No. Our stamp images may not be mechanically or electronically copied for any reason. Occasionally
    we may offer digital images for sale, and those images may be reproduced for non-commercial use.

Can images be mechanically reproduced for non-commercial, non-profit purposes such
as community newsletters, bulletins, flyers, or advertisements?

  • Permission for this may be given on a case by case basis. Please contact Customer Service
    for details using our Contact Us page.

Can images be mechanically reproduced for non-profit purposes such as business logos,
sales tags or other commercial purposes that do not directly support the sale of
Stampendous Rubber Stamp products?

  • No. This use requires special licensing. Please contact Customer Service using our Contact Us Form.

Can images be mechanically reproduced by current Stampendous trade accounts for print
or advertising purposes?

  • For the purpose of selling or advertising Stampendous products our Graphics Department
    will gladly provide any necessary images to our wholesale accounts.
    Contact your Sales Representative or Customer Service to complete a Graphics Request.

Can I scan or photograph my projects made with Stampendous images?

  • You may scan or photograph your finished projects made with Stampendous products.
    You may place those projects on any website, blog, or internet forum. Please use
    the appropriate copyright notice below when possible.

Copyright notices should appear as follows: Images ©Stampendous, Inc.®

In the case of House-Mouse Designs® images the copyright notice should read:

©Ellen Jareckie and House-Mouse Designs®

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