Part of Your World 1: Look at this Stuff!

Isn’t it Neat?
Wouldn’t you say our collection’s complete?

We’ve been swimming with mermaids this week in our Part of Your World 1 series. Be sure to join us next week for Part of Your World 2: Under the Sea!

Today we’re sharing one of our most popular stamps of all time! Our Mermaid stamp has been with us since January 2011, and she’s still one of our best sellers.

P151 Mermaid Stamp

She’s been featured in some of the biggest craft stores, like Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics, and she’s been offered by most of our independent retailers as well. She’s been the focus of tons of wonderful projects like the ones below: (click on them to make them larger)


But the pièce de résistance, we’re sure you’ll agree, is this amazing project by Design Team Alumni Suzanne Czosek! This project is our all-time most pinned project on Pinterest! It’s been shared and pinned to boards almost 8,000 times! Isn’t it luscious, with all that Halo Glitter, and Color Fragments, and so much more goodness! It’s really one of our favorites ever!

Do you have a sample you’ve made with our beautiful Mermaid Stamp? We’d love to see it! Feel free to post it on social media and tag us with #Stampendous or @Stampendous. Or post it on our Stampendous Facebook Group, our Stampendous Flickr Group, or email us at  You can also upload a Stampendous project of your own at any time at On the front page of our site you’ll see a place to Submit Your Project.



Sweet Pumpkin Pie!

It’s definitely pumpkin season, because we’ve seen them lined up at markets and grocery stores, but we have some pumpkins lined up for you too this week that will be sweet as pumpkin pie!

Our most adorable mice are in the spotlight today and they are, well adorable! Maxwell and Friends are sculpting kitten’s jack o lantern for this season and won’t he be surprised.

HMR43 Pumpkin Carving Rubber Stamp (Wood Mount shown)

Picking out a costume can often be a tough job, but Mudpie has found the perfect one to round out his disguise. Mudpie is perfect on treat bags for your kiddies class party, just sayin’.

HMV20 Pumpkin Mouse Rubber Stamp (Wood Mount shown)

We are holding back the pumpkin love this week with more of our House-Mouse stamps packing pumpkins filled with goodies. Let’s see who they are!

No need to cry over spilled treats with Booda and Pebble working things out in their own adorable way! Click on the photo below for details on this project by alumni Suzanne Czosek and for even more ideas go to our website product page HERE.

HRGP04 Gruffies® Spilled Treats by Suzanne Czosek

If we are sure of one thing, the Halloween theme in our House-Mouse stamps are dino-rific! It’s a sweet Dino Treats card like this one by Jamie Martin that are a ringer for trick or treating cuteness.

HMR02 Dino Treats by Jamie Martin

Dino Treats stamp has more sweet as pie companions like HMQ01 Trick or Cheese and HMV21 Daisy Face, so be sure to check out those on the website with projects ideas too.

Hope you haven’t had your fill yet, because there’s even more pumpkin loving projects from our designers today!

Pam Bray

Kristine Reynolds

Alison Heikkila

Psssttt…We would love for you to join us later this week for the Blog Fest with Spellbinders. Mark your calendars!

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Friday Musical Finale

It’s our Friday finale with an expressive musical motif set that is a great crescendo to any project. Whether a music lover’s scrapbook page or on a home decor, it can be an amazing way to accent your musical project or use these striking elements as the main focus.

Mixed Media Cling Rubber Musical Motif

Kristine Reynolds wraps up this DIY Bangles bracelet with key repeats to a great gift for the music lover who love’s jewelry!


Musical Motif DIY Bangles by Kristine Reynolds

Design team alumnus, Suzanne Czosek, created this fantastic canvas using the template included to create an embossed symbol with perfect pitch beside the stamped sentiment and music staff.

Musical Motif Canvas by Suzanne Czosek

There are more great projects to share from our designer’s today.

Kristine Reynolds

Lea Kimmel

Amy Hurley-Purdie


Doilies, Tendrils and Miniatures, Oh My!

We’re wrapping up Swirls and Flourishes week with a swoosh of stamps! Once we’ve seen the main attraction stamps there are mini-me’s hiding out among other stamps. We keep our fans equipped with swishes and flourishes of all kinds! Here’s a few page numbers to get you started… 17, 29,

Lacy Ovals is the perfect pairing to our tea time collection stamps and will fill in the gaps in any background for cards or scrapbooking and even the delicate side of mixed media.

Lacy Ovals

See the fantastic lacy design in Tenia Nelson’s card. Just love how it stands out against the dark background of her card.

Lacy Oval Thank You by Tenia Nelson
Lacy Oval Thank You by Tenia Nelson

Variety is the spice of life so we have Elegant Scroll stamp and Fall Tendril for a choice to create great looking accents on your projects.

Fall Tendril Stamp
Elegant Scroll Stamp

Alumni design team member Suzanne Czosek created this stunning card with our Zinnia stamp accentuated with Fall Tendril. Absolutely stunning!

Zinnia Fall Tendril by Suzanne Czosek

There is also a trio of Elegant Borders as a set to create stunning invitations, scrapbook pages or shabby chic mixed media projects.

Elegant Borders Stamp Set
Elegant Borders Stamp Set

Here’s a shabby chic card designed by alumni Lynn Mercurio highlighting our Blossom Spray with one of the stamps from Elegant Borders. We love this card so much we would share it every week if we could.

Blossom Spray by Lynn Mercurio
Blossom Spray by Lynn Mercurio

There are so many more swirls and flourishes… we could go on for pages and pages, so if you like a treasure hunt you can start looking through our January catalog and find image sets that include some of Fran’s delightful accent stamps. Here are a few page numbers to get you started… 17, 29, 20, 30 and 31.

And now here are more amazing designer projects to see.

Pam Hornschu

Amy Hurley Purdie (Thursday post)

Janelle Stollfus

Friday’s Friend with Chocolate

It’s a fine Friday post today because we have Hop-It the bunny here with chocolate. He certainly is tails up about what’s in the box. Is he finding the right one to share or noticing all the carrot truffles are gone!

Bon Bon Bunny


This fantastic paint project by Debbie Cole would be a dream valentine holder for any little girl.

Bon Bon Bunny Mailbox by Debbie Cole

Let’s not forget to give some hugs with the ones we love using Bunny Luv stamp on our valentines.

Bunny Luv Stamp

The most precious hugger and huggee I’ve ever seen on Suzanne Czosek’s valentine card.

Bunny Luv by Suzanne Czosek

Amanda Mouse is counting petals until she finds out if love is in her future.

She Loves Me Stamp

Absolutely love the sentiment that Kristine Reynolds used with She Loves Me on her sunny card.

She Loves Me by Kristine Reynolds

There’s so much more that we could share here, but really, there’s more lovely projects to see from our wonderful designers posting today. Who knows, they might even share a Bon Bon project, too.

Pam Hornschu

Lea Kimmel

Kristine Reynolds

Amy Hurley-Purdie (Thursday Post)


Stampendous Classic Christmas

It’s been wonderful to walk through our vintage images and share so many wonderful samples from our designers with you. These fantastic stamps are great for making a vintage looking project in no time and or be ready to mail out those classic style Christmas cards in a jiffy.

Now here’s a sweet little vintage style Owl Ornament tied to a pine bough. Jamie has colored this image so nicely that it steals the show on her card. She’s written up instructions and you can find it on our website under the Projects section. I remember one or two of these on the family tree when I was growing up, don’t you?

Owl Ornament by Jamie Martin
Owl Ornament by Jamie Martin

Here we have Kristine’s polar express line card using Train Postcard. It looks completely wintry and fun with Frantage delicately around the frame! This card also has instructions here. In fact you can find many more projects for our Christmas theme images on our website!

Train Postcard by Kristine Reynolds
Train Postcard by Kristine Reynolds

Suzanne can make powerful imagery when she mixes stamping and embossing powder. Her Vintage Couple card. Just click on the image and it will take you off to instruction land so you can see how she did it.

Vintage Couple by Suzanne Czosek
Vintage Couple by Suzanne Czosek


We thought our Mini Hop with Core’dinations was starting today, but we would be jumping the start line if we did. Our fantastic collaboration will begin next week and our team will be also be hopping with a new exciting partner! Figured out who it is? Come back on Monday to find out!


Snowy Scenes of Yore

Our vintage yule stamps capture the charming style of years long ago for your projects today. The Snowman Holly and Winter Delivery images are some of the sweetest we make and are great for cards and scrapbook layouts. They would even look wonderful as decor on a mantle of shelf.

Check out these snowy cards for some inspiration on your next handmade project.

Snowman Holly by Tobi Crawford
Winter Delivery by Suzanne Czosek
Snowman Holly by Jennifer Dove
Winter Delivery by Lea Kimmel
Winter Delivery by Lea Kimmel

Take a stroll over to today’s designer projects and see what vintage goodness they’ve created. Enjoy!

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Pam Hornschu

We’ll be joining Core’dinations in a Mini-Hop! Mark your calendars and get ready for some Christmas inspiration!



More than Decorations

Holiday decorations are lights, wreaths and color themes, but it is gathering together in the midst of them that turns our houses to homes. Our scene style stamps can add a little comfort of home to your cards when you need to send a little bit of your home on to theirs. Ready for some home and hearth cards?

Friendly Dreams by Suzanne Czosek
Friendly Dreams Card by Suzanne Czosek


Christmas Cottage by Suzanne Czosek
Christmas Cottage card by Suzanne Czosek


Rockin RIde by Jennie Black
Rockin RIde Card by Jennie Black

Here’s some extra special designs to share from some of our designers.

Kristine Reynolds

Rhea Weigand

Falling into a Leafy Friday

It’s amazing how the blog posts just stream along and all the sudden we’ve made it to Friday. Here are some amazing  samples by Tobi Crawford . Take a look, click the link and see how she’s created these fabulous cards.

House-Mouse Designs Fall Float with Jumbo Leaves Card by Tobi Crawford
House-Mouse Designs Fall Float with Jumbo Leaves Card by Tobi Crawford

This incredible card features a gorgeous background! Tobi created a fabulous tutorial for one of our blog posts and you can check it out here.

Jumbo Leaves TC
Cling Jumbo Leaves Tags by Tobi Crawford

A completely yummy set of rustic tags. See how she made those leaves here. They are gorgeous!

House-Mouse Design Fall Flight Card by Suzanne Czosek
House-Mouse Design Fall Flight Card by Suzanne Czosek

Since we have shared Tobi’s card with House-Mouse Designs Fall Float, it’s only right that we have the Fall Flight stamp appear in the same post. Suzanne Czosek created this stunning sun-kissed card that truly a wonderful project.

Our fabulous designers posting today!

Lea Kimmel

Pam Hornschu

Today begins a new Challenge month! Go check it out and we can’t wait to see how the gallery grows with thankfulness.

Owl be in the Study

It’s Literary Owl who’s in our study today. He’s one of our any occasion stamps that would work great for those projects that instill the reader in you or those that have inspired you through the love of learning. There’s just so many directions you can take with this stamp that we’ll just have to show you a few samples to spark the inspiration bug.

There is a whole bunch of goodness going on with the torn paper, coffee stain map and Fran•táge style bling on this card created by Jennifer Dove.

Literary Owl Map Card by Jennifer Dove

Wendy made a golden card with a colorful stack of books for his perch. You can recreate this card from the project page on our website.

Literary Owl _ Wendy Price
Literary Owl Card by Wendy Price

Here’s one more Literary Owl on a beautiful bookmark. This one was created by design team alumni Suzanne Czosek. Look how she’s created the precariously stacked set of books.


Literary Owl _ Suzz
Literary Owl Bookmark by Suzanne Czosek

We love this stamp and the projects that were inspired by it. We’ll be back tomorrow with some delightful inspiration from the design team .