Bonus Watercolor Lesson – Dog Kisses A

We’re still working from home at Stampendous, and we aren’t able to ship the April Perfectly Clear Stamps yet that complement our Watercolor Video Series. So Fran has prepared a few bonus lessons to keep you busy practicing the techniques we’ve learned already.

This week she’s using our super-fun Dog Kisses Perfectly Clear Stamps™ Set to practice the background techniques and the blending of the grays and browns she covered previously. You’ll love making these pups look like your own pets.

Some of our retail fulfillers have the Dog Kisses in stock, so if you haven’t picked up this fun set yet, you can order it on our website HERE.  Have fun, enjoy, and keep crafting while staying safe!


One thought on “Bonus Watercolor Lesson – Dog Kisses A

  1. Dear Fran, you are a top notch instructor! You walked us through the entire process. Watercolor can be very intimidating but you explained each thing you did. Your color mixing was the best i’ve ever watched and I have taken many classes from national decorative instructors. Thank you, so much. I have been impressed with your other demonstrations as well. So pleased that I can tune in and watch. Keep: me in your loop. Stay safe and well and keep sharing as you do it so well! Blessings to, you and your company! The Best!! Sincerely, Martha Wilkerson

    Worth and Martha



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