Looking for Something Crafty?

National Craft Month Banner

March is National Craft Month… are you looking for things to create? Our great Design Team are sharing so many fun creations on their blogs! Take a look, and leave them some love!

Kathi Rerek

Jamie Martin

Alison Heikkila

We’d love to hear what you’re creating! Leave us a comment below letting us know what’s on your work table, and we’ll enter you to win this beautiful Butterfly Frame Perfectly Clear Stamps™ Set. Of course our Official Rules apply and you need a U.S. Mailing Address to win.

This set is super cute and just the perfect thing for sending greetings to friends when you’re just thinking about them. The butterflies are all one stamp with the frame for super easy cards, just color and add the greeting of your choice.

Butterfly Frame Perfectly Clear Stamps

Or, if you have some extra time and want to step it up, you can use an oval die to cut out the frame and make a shaker card, then cut an extra butterfly to overlap in style.

Butterfly Frame Card

We think you’ll love this new set and want to play all Spring with these delightful butterflies.

What are you making??

20 thoughts on “Looking for Something Crafty?

  1. Beautiful card with these pretty butterflies!
    On my work table, I have some papers, stamps and dies that are ready to organize! I also have some birthday cards in progress that I need to finish up and drop in the mail!

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  2. I have been making a lot of cards lately, being home. But today I have been working on a tic tac toe game for my little 5 year old grandson. I put the pieces into an Altoid tin that I decorated. Stamped and colored the pieces, and decorated the tin 🙂

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  3. Love all those pretty butterflies! And the versatility of the sentiments for any occasion. I have more stuff on my craft table that needs to be put away than anything else. LOL But I do have a stamp set that I am going to make a birthday card for a challenge.


  4. Awesome inspirations from everyone 🙂 I was working on a card for my daughter’s 5th birthday and finished it just a day ago! I have a couple of other card ideas to create for contests, yet to start on them though 🙂


  5. Love to use butterflies on my cards.
    they are so pretty, with lots of colors,
    and seem fry to fly where they want.
    The shaker in the brooch die is
    fantastic. thanks for sharing

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    • Forgot to tell you that I’m working on Easter cards.
      Have lots of time on my hands so I may even
      get around to working on my Christmas cards
      for this year (I’m really a procrastinator so
      this would be a first). thanks

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  6. Love these butterflies!! And such cute designs by the team. My next creations will be motgers day cards and a card for my Grandmas 94th birthday!!


  7. I haven’t done much creating lately because of some health concerns (NOT corona!!)….but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bunch of stuff all over my craft desk! lol…

    Yesterday and today I have been working on remaking some thrift store stationery I got on a steal. I found this huge box with abt 100 A2 envelopes and Serenity prayer note paper for 80 cents! I really snagged it for the envelopes, but I can’t just toss the notes!! The notes are 1/4 folded blue parchment look paper with blue printing surrounded by a pretty floral wreath.

    I am die-cutting through all 4 layers to have some liners for my own cards and putting the fronts on some navy cardstock and a piece for the liner on the inside. I’ll probably bundle these up 5 or so to a pack and give them to the food bank, in case someone wants to eat them. Hahahaha….just seeing if you were really reading this. 🙂 No…actually, for them to hand out to anyone who would like them. I’ll keep the pretty blue envelopes for myself to use and package the cards with plain white ones. 🙂

    Stay healthy and thank you for the chance to win this lovely butterfly set!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  8. This is a lovely set. I am making cards, but slowly as my crafty mojo is hard to find right now. I am hoping that it will be back soon. Be well!


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