It’s National Cookie Day!

National Cookie Day Banner

What could be sweeter than National Cookie Day?? December 4th is celebrated by some companies that love cookies. You can celebrate with a free cookie at these!

Our delightful friends at House-Mouse Designs® just love cookies. Mudpie and Muzzy are so excited about those cookie ornaments someone hung on the lowest branches!

We’ll give away three of this fun image in your choice of wood mounted or cling rubber! Just leave a comment here before the end of the day on Friday, December 6th telling us what your favorite kind of cookie is… do you bake holiday cookies… do you dunk your cookies or prefer them dry…. give us your cookie deets! Of course our Official Contest Rules apply, and you must have a U.S. Mailing Address.

Here’s a super easy holiday card featuring our Cookie Ornaments stamp! You can find this card in your local stamp store along with instructions and supplies for creating your own. Happy National Cookie Day!

Cookie Ornaments Card
Cookie Ornaments by Debi Hammons

19 thoughts on “It’s National Cookie Day!

  1. Oh, I LOVE cookies….and am determined not to do TOO much holiday baking this year, othewise I will look like Mudpie and Muzzy in that adorable card!! Ha. My favorite cookies at Christmas time are Coconut Macaroons!! Yummy, chewy, sweet, and coconutty! Oh, bliss!! But, honestly, I love any cookie….dunked in coffee or cocoa…or just plain! They are ALL good!! Happy Cookie Day!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  2. What a darling image! It would be perfect to use for cards to accompany by baked goodies I give to friends and neighbors for Christmas!
    My favorite ones are the Scandinavian Almond Bars I make every year! I got the recipe from a friend when my daughter was in pre-school, so around 1987! I make them every year, along with a couple of other recipes, and they are a family favorite. Not too sweet!


  3. Cookies are my favorite all year round, especially if they’re home made. I love too many to list but some favorites are Russian Tea cakes, spritz butter cookies, coconut macaroons, and these cookies that use candied fruit that I only make at Christmas.
    Mudpie and Muzzy are starting out the holiday season in just the right way!


  4. Do I like cookies? Is that a trick question? I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and, God yes, I dunk. I also love to bake, which means I have to do QUALITY ASSURANCE taste testing along the way. ha-ha


  5. I love cookies, especially crispy chocolate chip cookies and shortbread cookies. I usually make Christmas cookies but I don’t know if I’ll have time this year. I prefer my cookies dry with a nice cup of coffee or tea.


  6. I do love me some cookies lol. My all time favorite is a soft and yummy chocolate chip cookie 🍪 😋. I can eat them dry or dunk them in milk. I do like to bake especially cookies because I can eat them as I bake lol.


  7. I love cookies! I make fruit cake cookies, Lucy’s cookies and wedding cookies…
    I love them with coffee. Yummy 😋


  8. Yum, so many favorite cookies but I love making chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles all year round! I don’t dunk my cookies because I’d make too much of a mess, but I love them with hot cocoa


  9. This card is adorable and so appropriate for the day ! I love Oatmeal Raisin cookies with a great cup of coffee. I do like to make sugar cookies and decorate them for the holidays!


  10. Me thinks 2 adorable mice ate too many cookies! I love shortbread cookies-‘cuz I’m a dunker. Coffee or milk depending on the time of year!


  11. I love just about any kind of cookie there is! lol My favorite for Christmas would be Russian Tea Cakes. I will be making them, along with bon bons and cinnamon cookies this coming week. Yum!


  12. This stamp is adorable. The cookies look like the ones my daughter and I make at Christmas. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip dipped in milk.


  13. I think that chocolate chip walnut cookies are my favorite. They MUST be dunked! Oh my gosh, now I NEED SOME!!!!!! I usually make a lot of different types of cookies to give out each year. I’m sure I will again. And then I will need to sample 🙂


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