Celebrate Kitties!!

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It’s time for the annual Cat Lovers Blog Hop hosted over at Her Peaceful Garden. This is the fifth anniversary for this fun blog hop. Stampendous always really enjoys participating in this one, because we are huge cat lovers here! (Although we’ve got lots of dog folks as well!)  At that link you can link your projects to win some great prizes. Today is the second day, and you can see more about our participation on today’s link which is Her Peaceful Garden – Day 2.

Some great stamps being featured this week, and being offered as prizes, come from our Laurel Burch images. The wonderful Feline Blooms and Indigo Cat sets with their coordinating Dies Sets are up for grabs over at Her Peaceful Garden. And there are even some individual stamps available as flash prizes! All of the Laurel Burch cats can be seen on our website by clicking HERE. They are super fun to color and make whimsical, friendly cards, decor, and more!

Our design team has been coloring some of our other kitties, too! Check them out below!

Kathi Rerek


23 thoughts on “Celebrate Kitties!!

  1. Thank you so much for being a sponsor for the 2019 CAt Lovers Hop!! I am a Laurel Burch fan from way back and actually own a number of her cat earrings and pins from the 1990’s. How fun to see her beautiful designs turned into stamps and featured by Stampendous.


    • Thank you so much for sponsoring the 2019 cat lovers hop at Her Peaceful Garden! Love Laurel Burch’s cats – some of my makes with them coming up soon!


  2. Excited to be participating in the Cat Lovers Blog Hop. My first year here. Love Laurel Birch Cats and I have a few of her stamps.


  3. Love all of the Laurel Burch designs, and of course I am partial to the kitties! Thanks for sponsoring the Cat Lovers Hop!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous! So colourful and so much fun to colour! Thank you very much for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop at Janis’s Her Peaceful Garden – I am excited about your prize and keeping my fingers crossed! Question for you… I hope you don’t mind me asking… have you ever thought of bringing back Fluffles the Cat? I absolutely love him – I have a lot of the old wood-mounted stamps and even a clear stamp set, and I know a lot of people would dearly love to see Fluffles again! The old wood-mounts are fetching a high price on ebay – I will never part with mine but would love to complete my collection. In the meantime, I am loving these Laurel Burch designs – Stampendous, you are PAWSOME!


    • Hi fitkitty1 ! We’re so glad you like the Laurel Burch images, and we miss Fluffles, too. He’s happily retired on a warm windowsill in the North of Italy. He snoozes all day contemplating his years of fame, but he’s far too comfortable to return to work. We never say “never” at Stampendous, but he hasn’t shown any signs of budging. Even if he returned, there would be different images, so the old ones are still easiest to collect on ebay and other places like that. We do wish you the best of luck in finding any missing ones. Thanks so much for your kind comments!!


  5. Thanks for sponsoring the Cat Lovers Blog Hop with your wonderful stamp sets. So sorry about your sister. I stamp because I am a nurse and need the stress relief. I did Oncology nursing for many years so prayers and hugs go out to you and your family.


  6. Hello! I’ve stopped by this morning to thank you for sponsoring the 2019 Cat Lovers Hop over at Her Peaceful Garden! This is my first year participating (we have 8 fur babies) and I’m blown away! The prizes you’re offering is absolutely amazing and much appreciated! I L-O-V-E Laurel Burch images! 🙂
    Love To Scrap 2


  7. Thank you very much for generously sponsoring the Cat Lovers Hop this year. I love, love, LOVE Laurel Burch stamps and would love to add more to my growing collection.
    Thoughts and prayers for your sister at this difficult time. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Carole. I should clarify, in case Janis didn’t, that it’s my sister (Laura, the Social Media Manager) not Fran’s sister that is ill. I don’t want folks to think it’s a Stampendous issue! Just a personal one. Still appreciate all the prayers and kindness for my sister Tracy!


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