Sweater Wrap Up! Time to Vote!

Cool Penguin Ugly Sweater Banner

So we haven’t forgotten, never you fear. The time to vote on sweaters is here! Our cute Cool Penguin has been sporting “ugly” sweaters by some of our favorite designers on their blogs and ours for the last couple weeks. Now it’s time to vote. Your comments on the blog posts will enter you in a drawing to win one of these cute sets. Your votes on the cards will determine which designer gets a cool $50 in Stampendous product.

CSD08 Cool Penguin Stamps and Cutting Dies
CSD08 Cool Penguin Stamps and Cutting Dies


We had a couple more cute samples to share, so visit these blogs and leave a comment. Then come back and vote for your favorite. We’ve linked them all to a polling tool below and each choice includes the link so that, in case you didn’t write it down, you can remind yourself how cute they all were! Choose the one that you like best, ugly, cute, whatever your fancy.

New “ugly sweater” cards that we haven’t shared yet:

Sue Drees

Wendy Price

Karen Hasheck

Pam Sparks

Sue Drees #2

Tina Smith (video)

Sue Drees #3

Diane Williams




10 thoughts on “Sweater Wrap Up! Time to Vote!

  1. Well this has been the most fun ever, I have had such a AWESOME time!!! The designers did sooo AWESOME!!! I had a problem with this last one, when I clicked on Karen I got Pam, So I couldn’t get to Karen and Sue’s #3 was a blank page, I did search her blog for it and couldn’t find it BUT while searching it I got a bonus I found out there is a House Mouse challenge group, I had NO idea, I am a Mouse FREAK I think u know that, I collect them, so that was cool. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone!!!!


  2. That was very fun! I had a good time checking out all the creative ideas! There were lots of contenders for my vote! Everyone did a fabulous job!


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