The Newest Products to Die For!

We have a couple of new die sets in our latest release, and we think you are going to be so excited by these super versatile sets that you’ll reach for all year round. They’re great for holiday card making, but they have some awesome elements you’ll use again and again all year!

First, we have this awesome Christmas Bright die set. It includes a couple of small clear stamps for the word “and” and the small holly so that you have something you can color or stamp in color. The words will look great out of your favorite paper patterns or cardstock colors, and the bow and nested ovals will be awesome for so many everyday uses!

CSD21 Christmas Bright Dies
CSD21 Christmas Bright Dies

Our second new die set is this gorgeous Wings Die Set. This versatile set can send holiday love to all your friends and relatives and then send even more love all year! Great for Valentines, wedding, anniversary, or just a quick “I love you.”

DCP1010 Wings Die Set
DCP1010 Wings Die Set

Fran has had so much fun with these sets that she’s made a great, short video to share them with you! You’ll love all the inspiration, ideas, and clever tricks she’ll show you. Plus the end is full of samples from our whole team. All of these great projects are on our website with full supply lists and instructions.

The Design Team has also been playing with these wonderful new die sets and our current die sets adapted for the holidays! Check out their creative cards and come back Friday for more fun!

Alison Heikkila

Jamie Martin

Kathi Rerek


8 thoughts on “The Newest Products to Die For!

  1. have to have the Angel Wings. Not a happy thought-but perfect for my FB fur friends who cross the rainbow bridge. They’re beautiful-thank you for designing this set.


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