Winners and Our New Privacy Policy

Did you see what we did there? We lured you into our housekeeping post by promising to tell you the winners of our last giveaway. Tricky, huh?!

If you live in the European Union (EU) you probably know that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018. If you live outside the EU, you might think, “who cares?” or “pffft, I never read those privacy things or terms of service.” Well, we care, and we take your privacy very seriously. And since we have lots of fans who visit our blog from the EU, the GDPR applies to Stampendous, too.

We’ve created a page on our blog that explains what information our blog collects from you, your computer, and your internet service provider, how that information is used, how and where it is stored, and how you can request that we delete it. You can visit that page by clicking on the image below. There is a page like this for our website as well. And if you receive our email newsletter (and you really should, there’s a 20% off coupon in your first one!) you’ll receive another one soon, in your email.

Our Privacy Policy

So, now, we have some WINNERS!

Circle Time Banner

From our Circle Time Blog Post a couple weeks ago, the following folks can choose either the Wisteria Circle or the Tree Circle for their prize. Be sure to tell us if you’d prefer a wood mounted or Cling Rubber stamp, and you need to email us at with your U.S. Mailing Address. These tough decisions go to:

Donna Seamon


Denise Bryant





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