A Sunny Hello!

Sunny Hello Stamp Banner

Welcome to a brand new catalog! Our April catalog is full of fun stamps, inspiration, and awesome greetings that will become classics in your collection. We’re starting off this week with a Sunny Hello. This was a huge favorite with our Design Team, and we had some fun with it in the office as well. Let’s take a look at this great image that comes wood mounted or on our wonderful Stampendous Cling Rubber. It’s a great image and measures about 4-1/4″ Wide and 2-3/4″ tall. It’s got a bright spot of sun to color, and bold greetings already done for you. All you need is your Picasso Stencil to add a cloud background and you’re good to go.

P320 Sunny Hello
P320 Sunny Hello


P320 Sunny Hello

Take a look at the fun that our Design Team has had with this wonderful stamp!

Louise Healy

Janelle Stollfus

16 thoughts on “A Sunny Hello!

  1. Love seeing the sun – so bright and happy.
    It is dreary here – cloudy and getting ready
    to pour gallons of rain. Great stamp.
    thanks for sharing


  2. I don’t think this little sunshine expert could possibly be any happier! SUCH A CUTE STAMP! Off to check out the designers now.


  3. What a sweet looking stamp and message…it would be a great addition to any stamp collectors collection!


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