Spring Mash-Up!

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We’re still excited about releasing our new April Catalog for Summer, but we’ve still got some great samples you haven’t seen from our January Spring release. This week our Design team will treat you to all the inspiration from our October and January catalogs that they haven’t posted yet. And it’s a wonderful Spring-a-palooza!

Jamie Martin

Louise Healy


One thing we haven’t shared enough yet, because they’re our favorite thing right now, is our Spring Borders Die Set. Fran herself had an opportunity to play with these this last week, and she created a terrific collection of even more ideas for these wonderful edge dies.

You remember that the set looks like this –

Spring Borders Die Set Packaged
DCP1009 Spring Borders Cutting Dies

It has 6 dynamic cutting dies for a huge variety of looks and uses. Well, Fran said, “what if I just get into the stash of scraps we have and go crazy?” She cut a ton of strips and just had a great time layering them on to cards. Card-making doesn’t get easier than this!! It’s all about finding a color story in the scraps you love and just playing with the shapes and patterns.



Can you spot the Easter bunny??

Glitter papers, adding some white with a greeting here and there, you can even make this the surprise interior of a card with a fun window peeking through!


She even used the strips to decorate a hat pattern that she downloaded from the web. Wouldn’t these be a cute project for a little girl’s party!! What fun!

So we have to tell you that the hat above that Fran made is actually sized for her cat, Beaver. We challenged her to get a photo of him wearing it, after all she would have to tie it under his chin, and cats aren’t known for their love of hats… but SHE DID it! And she even got photos!! She’s not even bleeding! Good job, Beaver, such a good sport!!



You’ll still see a lot of projects using these great border dies in our April catalog as we go, our team just loves them so much! And Fran may just have more ideas as we go along, she’s always thinking of something special. Come back Wednesday for more recap from our January catalog projects!



11 thoughts on “Spring Mash-Up!

  1. Such wonderful spring time stamps – I have enjoyed each one of your recent blog posts, though have been unable to comment on them. Today’s designers have a marvelous assortment. I was not able to see Alison’s, but will followup in a few days. They always inspire me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Donna, have you just been busy? Or is there some technical reason you can’t comment on our posts? Those drive us crazy and we’re happy to help resolve them if possible. Alison had an emergency and I had to remove her post, but she’ll post tomorrow, so I’ll link it on Wednesday. – Laura


  2. I really liked the border dies the first time I saw them. Some wonderful inspiration here today. In awe of Fran’s cat whisperer abilities. Maybe she can give me some tips for my rescued feral kitten. There has been lots of blood!

    Liked by 1 person

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