We Love Laurel Burch

Colorful Laurel Burch Banner

Laurel Burch was all about love. She wanted to share the love that is the core connection between all living things, and her art clearly demonstrates this. You can learn lots more about Laurel and her journey at www.laurelburchstudios.com

Our newest designs for January from Laurel Burch are all about love as well, and birthday and friendship! But one of our very favorite sets from this release has been the new Laurel Burch Icons Perfectly Clear Stamp Set. This set of little doodles that Laurel included in most of her art provide a great opportunity to make backgrounds and borders with a Laurel Burch flair. They’re ideal embossed in gold or used with your monoprinting plate or other techniques. Here’s the set:

SSCL107 Laurel Burch Icons
SSCL107 Laurel Burch Icons

See if you can spot them in these wonderful samples:

Have a look at the work of our wonderful Design Team for more inspiration!

Janelle Stollfus

Lea Fritts

Alison Heikkila

Louise Healy


6 thoughts on “We Love Laurel Burch

  1. I have been a huge Laurel Burch fan for so many years! I love her style and the bold colors that are so much her look! The Icons stamp set is fabulous!


  2. This is a beautiful stamp set that you could do so many things with as the DT has shown. What beautifully colored and wonderfully created projects they made.


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