Laurel Burch Whimsy and Fun!

Colorful Laurel Burch Banner

Laurel Burch’s whimsical animal figures are her way of showing the connection we all have to Nature and each other. They are always radiating love and joy. How does she do it? She uses a unique color palette of gorgeous, bright, vibrant colors. We’ve created a color chart for you to use when coloring her wonderful images. You can download it on our website HERE.

This week the fabulous Vicky Papaioannou is working with our new Laurel Burch Tribal Cats in her super-popular art journal! From Gelli printing to stencils to embossing to fantastic paint products, you’re going to love the results of her amazing work. Check it out (be sure to leave her a nice comment!!)

The newest additions to our Laurel Burch collection also include some great stamps available either wood mounted or in Stampendous Cling Rubber. Here’s a look at them, but you can see them all with all of their details on our website.


Our Design Team is playing this week with their take on the Laurel Burch images, as well. Please take a few minutes and go appreciate what they’ve made.

Louise Healy

Alison Heikkila




10 thoughts on “Laurel Burch Whimsy and Fun!

    • Haha, nope, that’s the way Laurel, herself, wrote it. She used the word Flutterbye for the butterfly and meant that the day would simply flutter goodbye to you if you didn’t take time to grab and appreciate it. It’s her little poetic license and we use her exact words whenever possible.


  1. Vicky is one of my favorite designers, I receive blog post every day in my email and have been following her for awhile, she is so talented. I have been watching her journal posts thru her blog already, they are amazing. I checked Laurel’s website yesterday and it was amazing I ended up buying 2 crossbody purses, could of bought the whole store out lol. I am in love with the stamp Louise used, that was an amazing post. Laurel, i am just such a HUGE fan!!


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