Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine banner

Valentine’s day accounts for over 143 million cards* mailed each year to family, friends, and loved ones, and that doesn’t count children who hand out cards and treats at school! It’s the second biggest card sending holiday of the year (there is significant debate over whether Christmas or Mother’s Day is number 1, but Valentine’s Day is number two on every list!)

Well, we’ve got you covered for your “love” sending needs! We have something for everyone on your Valentine list! Have a look a the sweetness our Design Team is sharing today! We hope your day is full of love!

Janelle Stollfus

Louise Healy



2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Hi, wow, do you want to know something so sad, I didn’t even know it was Valentines Day yesterday until I just read your email today, I can’t believe it, I don’t think since I started making cards about almost 20 yrs ago I have not sent out V.Day cards. As you can probably tell by that statement it has been a tough year so far for me and well let’s not dwell I got to go tell my hubby we missed the day, he is going to feel terrible, maybe I won’t tell him, lol. Well Happy belated Valentines day to my sweet friends at Stampendous. Say hi to the mice for me, lol.


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