Spring Borders Dies – WINNERS!

Spring Borders Die set

Last week we had so much fun with our Spring Borders Dies, and you’ll want to keep watching for them in the future since our team used them on so very many samples!

We have some winners from last week! If you winners will send an email to submissions@stampendous.com and send us your U.S. Mailing address, we’ll get these darling dies out to you immediately! Thank you for your kind comments! They mean a lot to us.

Samantha Houp from Janelle’s blog

Jeanne Beam from Louise’s blog

Tracy Magner from Jamie’s blog

Just a reminder to everyone. If we draw your name as a winner, but have no way to confirm that you live in the U.S., we draw another name. You need to make sure that some profile for you somewhere tells that you have a U.S. address. Even if you just write United States for your address online. We do try hard to verify, but this week we had to replace some winners who had no data available.

8 thoughts on “Spring Borders Dies – WINNERS!

  1. WoW, I just was catching up on my emails and saw that I WON, YAH!!! THANK YOU, I LOVE those dies, they are so cool, and I am so excited to get them and start making some really cool cards. Thanks again and Congrat;s to the other winners!!!

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