Spring Borders Die Set Fun!

Spring Borders Die set

Our new Spring Borders Cutting Die Set is so fun. Our Design Team went a little bit crazy with them and they really explored the possibilities of this terrific product. Not just borders, there are cut outs, a ribbon threader, and so much more! You get six great dies and they’re each meant to be able to repeat across a long surface, or fit perfectly on your standard card. We’ll explore each one this week! You could even win one of these great sets!

Here’s that fun set (you can click on it to see it on our website):

Spring Borders Die Set PackagedHere are some great samples to give you ideas, plus you know our Design Team is playing along below! We’ll give away three sets of Spring Borders Dies this week to lucky commenters on our blog or the blogs of our Design Team. You have to have a U.S. Mailing Address to win and complete rules are always HERE.

First up, in this great set, is the scalloped border. It has a great scalloped edge with impressed dots that follow the edge line. Super versatile and perfect for any look from classic to whimsical!




The next die is the flower cut-out border. This can be used to create a piece to be glued on to a card, or it can cut out a “window” to the inside of the card or to another layer. All sorts of embellishments can be added to the flower centers, from Dot Sparklers to jewels.

Spring borders flowers


Here are the Design Team members who are playing today:

Alison Heikkila




17 thoughts on “Spring Borders Die Set Fun!

  1. OMG, These dies are truly STUNNING, I would love to be one of the lucky people who win these cool dies, I can see doing so many things with them. I just checked out Alison’s blog, and her card is so pretty with the die on there and I have never seen that Typewriter stamp before, I have a pinterest board devoted to just typewriters, I have a thing for them, so I HAVE to get that stamp it is the coolest and I love how she used it on her card with the die. Sorry, I am rambling this morning, 4 cups of coffee already, lol.


  2. Wow, what an awesome set of dies we would all love to play with.
    I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful inspiration using them
    this week.
    Becca USA


  3. Fantastic value. Six dies in one package, and they
    are all so pretty. thanks for sharing.


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