Texture is Here to Stay!

Texture Cubes Banner

Our terrific Texture Cubes have been a long tradition here at Stampendous. We’re so excited to be adding two new texture cubes to the current selection.

  • Each cube has four sides (the Marble has 3) that can be tiled and extended to cover a large area with dynamic background.
  • They feel great in your hands as you work
  • They give you lots of options for adding texture and depth to your work.
  • And they’re super easy to clean, so use them with paint, ink, anything you like!

Here’s a look at all of our cubes!

Marble Texture Cube

Marble Texture Cube
TC01 Marble Texture Cube – the three sides layer to make realistic looking marble

Look how cool the marble looks! You stamp the darkest one in the lightest color, then proceed to the medium one in a lighter color, then the veins are dynamic and awesome in gold, black, or many other colors!

Foliate Quad Cube

TC51 Foliate Quad Cube gives you four great foliage backgrounds.

Tiled Quad Cube

Tiled Quad Cube
TC54 Tiled Quad Cube gives you fantastic, old-world tile, perfect for antique embossing!

NEW Quest  Texture Cube

Quest Texture Cube
TC58 Quest Texture Cube

NEW Ornate Tiles Texture Cube

Ornate Tiles Texture Cube
TC59 Ornate Tile Texture Cube


We’ve got some great inspiration from the Design Team this week! Check out their wonderful projects –

Janelle Stollfus

Alison Heikkila


13 thoughts on “Texture is Here to Stay!

    • Jean! We’re so glad to show you something new to you! We’ve loved our marble cube for mmmphm years (mumbling to disguise age), and it’s just one of our very favorite tools.


  1. Have to admit that I’d not seen these before.
    Looks like something I need to scope out.
    thanks for the heads up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are so cool, love the tile from before and the NEW Ornate, especially that feather, wow that is amazing. Question: I was a little confused when I went to Janelle’s lovely Blog, she said there was a blog hop and to stop by later in the week? Today being Thursday, I will assume she means next week we will have a blog hop? Because when I clicked on the links she had the pages all said “oops”. Just wondering. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I still have your Faux finish quad cube from 2002 (TC52)!! And still love it! Great texture designs, like Stampendous make, never gets old! ❤


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