Happy New Year! Happy New Catalog!

January Catalog banner

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We’re still getting all our great new projects and things up on our website, but the new January product is there! Our team has been sneaky peeking our new goodies all week, have you seen them? There’s a list at the bottom of this email in case you’ve missed it.

You can click on the banner above to open our January catalog as a flip book, download it as a pdf to your computer, or even print it if you want. You can also order it on our website and see the products in the What’s New section of our website as well.

You’re going to love our new Curios – cute little stamps that decorate your space and work just like our regular stamps! They’re available February 1st, so keep your eyes open for them. We also have new images from Fran, great new 6″ X 6″ stamps for backgrounds, decorative painters and mixed media artists, more Laurel Burch, of course new House-Mouse Designs®, and even great new cling stamps from Andy Skinner! So much fun to love. Check out the sneak peeks below and stay tuned!

Alison Heikkila – Wednesday

Louise Healy – Wednesday

Jamie Martin – Wednesday

Janelle Stollfus – Wednesday

Alison Heikkila – Friday

Janelle Stollfus – Friday

Louise Healy – Friday

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Happy New Catalog!

  1. I love what your designers have done, as usual, but was disappointed that clicking on the banner did not give me a flip-able catalog to look through. It was a 404 server error, and I thought you’d like to know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great sneak peeks.
    Love the peonies and the sunflowers.
    And of course that little mouse if
    darling. thanks for the peeks.
    Happy New Year


  3. Hi,I was wondering if I missed who won the Beautiful Laurel Burch Holiday Set,I have been anxiously waiting as I love her designs?
    The NEW release is AWESOME!!! I LOVE the idea of the curios. There were so many favorites that I loved, I really loved the 6×6 Background stamps but my all time favorite is my babies, my MICE..Oh what a FANTASTIC release, I love those mice and I collect them I even found your coloring guide while I was looking at the new release, Thanks for that, very sweet! I took a sneak peek at the designers for the week, oh wow some cool stuff!!!!


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