31 Days of Halloween, Still Spooking Along!

31 Days of Halloween 2017 Banner

Halloween is almost upon us! We hope you’re enjoying all the amazing inspiration. Everyone has really outdone themselves with fantastic projects this year! You can see all the links for the month over on our 31 Days of Halloween Page!

We have a wonderful Mother/Daughter project to feature this weekend. Elina P and her 9-year-old daughter, Siouxann, decided to get out our terrific Costume Stack Perfectly Clear Stamps and make some awesome Halloween cards!

This set, like all of our “short stacks” sets is so cute and fun with heads, bodies, legs, arms, hats, and other accessories being interchangeable. The one trick to them is that they don’t have “necks”. Once you stamp them, you’ll see how it goes together, but just stamp the head right on to the body, and it will be obvious. We do get questions about the necks though. (poor Drac… it confuses him something fierce) (but we noticed Siouxann got it right away!) We find using them completely addicting.


Here’s the actual stamp set –

Costume Stack Perfectly Clear Stamps
SSC1245 Costume Stack Perfectly Clear Stamps

Here’s a video from last year where the Crazy Paper Chick shares her idea of using just the heads from the Costume Stack set. We really love that idea!!

Our own Fran Seiford had a lot of fun with our Costume Stack as well. You can see all her samples on our website, and her video about the set is right here –

And while we’re at it, take a look at the Woodsy Stack, after all, Halloween won’t last forever!




8 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween, Still Spooking Along!

  1. These are so fun! Love that Drac and the cute kitty’s peering face! Delightful Halloween creations, and the Woodsy Stack looks just as fun for winter creations!


  2. Definitely look like they would be so much fun to play with. I think you could even mix them up with some cute animal stamps-I’m going to try that.


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