Teacher Time! and Winners!

Pencil Sharpener colored by Janelle Stollfus

It’s that time of year again when school bells get ready to measure out the day, and teachers start thinking about last minute weekends before heading back to the rewarding and challenging job of educating our children. How about making a sweet card to welcome them back to the school year and let them know their efforts are appreciated?!

Our wonderful House-Mouse Designs® images are the perfect way to honor the teachers in your life. You can find the “school” related stamps by just typing “school” into our website search at http://www.stampendous.com. This week our Design Team will be sharing these great images, and you could win one, just in time for school to start! Leave us a comment this week telling us a little about your favorite teacher! We know our fans will have some wonderful stories about education professionals that changed their lives! We’ll use Random.org to choose a winner from the comments on our blog and those of our team, so be sure to visit them as well and leave some love! You could win one of our Cling Rubber stamps:

HMCR102 School Mice Cling Rubber Stamp
HMCR102 School Mice Cling Rubber Stamp

Remember that our contests are only open to U.S. Mailing Addresses. The Official Rules are always on our blog for you to see.

Here are the Design Team Members who are sharing their Back to School projects today:

Janelle Stollfus

Kristine Reynolds



We have three lucky winners from our BoBunny Sharing last week. Each will receive a packet of 10 sheets of the wonderful BoBunny Vintage Dot patterned paper and their choice of the Laurel Burch Holly Pup or Holly Cat Cling Rubber Stamps. Please drop us an email at submissions@stampendous.com and let us know your U.S. mailing address and which stamp you’d prefer! The winners are:


Nicole Nardi

Becca Yahrling


Lori Kobular

Can’t wait to hear from these lucky fans! Congratulations to you!







11 thoughts on “Teacher Time! and Winners!

  1. Congrats to the lucky winners and looking forward to the school theme. My first favorite teacher is one of my college professors who really pushed me to excel.


  2. First, thank you so much!! So excited to win such an awesome prize pack. Congrats to Nicole and Lori as well. My favorite teacher was Ms. Pisano, my business teacher. She was always so positive and very helpful in getting me my first office job.


  3. Congratulations, winners.

    My favorite teacher was the art teacher. I loved the feel on manila paper. It was such fun when she brought Cray pas to the class for us to color with. Oh, she had so many projects for us to do. She only got to come once a week but it was so looked forward to. I don’t think there was one child that didn’t look forward to her coming. Now, they don’t care about things like that in elementary school. What a shame.


    • Oh, but they do, Bunny! When my mom retired from 35 years as an elementary school teacher, she went out to my sister’s school and taught art once a week to all the classes. They LOVED it. The children waited every week for her to come and show them a new artist, a new medium, a new idea. They just loved it. Kids will always love creativity! – Laura


      • Oh what a joy it would be if all elementary students got that excitement of seeing the “art lady”. You kiss your mama for being such a sweetheart and making so many children’s week a good one. Just knowing the “art lady” was coming was so exciting. Your mom is a jewel.


    • Yes, Lisa!! Funny how that smell comes immediately to mind as soon as you think of it! And writing in a new notebook with a new, sharp pencil. It’s weird how those visceral images bring back the past!


  4. I’m so excited that my name was picked. Thank you so much!
    I have a few favorite teachers – my kindergarten, 1st grade and 4th grade teachers. I was a very shy student and they were all very sweet teachers who comforted me and helped me excel in class.


  5. Glad to see that the mice are on the books,
    not eating them. Love that stamp set.
    As a retired librarian and avid reader I’m
    happy to see stamps with books.
    thanks for sharing.

    My handwriting is terrible. I remember
    a biology teacher telling me that if I
    didn’t start writing better he wouldn’t grade
    any more of my papers. (I was in my 30s
    at that time – embarrassing) I did try
    to write clearer for him and got a good
    grade. (That was about 40 years ago)


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