Paisley for All!

Peacock and Paisley

We have two great stamp sets with coordinating dies to share this week. On Monday we met our Poised Peacock and our Paisley Patterns. Both Cling Rubber Stamp Sets come with a free template for masking the images or creating super cool backgrounds. Both also have available, matching, cutting dies! You’ll love these gorgeous sets! (and Free Shipping with Promo Code BLG717 on orders over $50)

On Wednesday we took a closer look at our Poised Peacock. So today, let’s investigate our Paisley Patterns set a little more closely! This awesome set includes six stamps. Five are very definite elements and they have corresponding cutting dies in the die set. The sixth stamp is a wonderful background that is delightful colored in, tone on tone, or even used as a resist pattern. The included stencil/mask set for the five elements is perfect for masking/layering or for coloring them in with stencil brushes, sponges, paint, or other methods.

Fran has created a great video sharing her samples with these fun stamp images:

Wanna win one?

We’ll give away one Poised Peacock Stamp Set and Cutting Dies and one Paisley Patterns Stamp Set and Cutting Dies (so two lucky winners) this week! Just leave us a comment telling us if you’ve ever seen a live peacock! Where? When? Was it just the coolest? We want to know! Or if you’re more Paisley than Peacock, tell us about your lifelong love affair with those irresistible patterns!  U.S. Winners only – Official Rules.

We have so enjoyed this week reading your hilarious adventures with peacocks all over the world. Who knew so many people had chased or been chased by them! You’re all awesome story tellers!! We can sure see that a lot of you would love one of these sets!

We have Design Team Members playing along today –

Pam Bray

Louise Healy

Lea Fritts


And some inspiration from our website – All these samples are by Fran Seiford. You can find them all on our website by searching “Paisley”.









10 thoughts on “Paisley for All!

  1. I have seen peacocks in the zoo but used to live near a place where they were wild in Florida. You didn’t see them but would hear them call . They were quite loud and sometimes sounded like a tiny child crying to me.

    I am a paisley person– love , love all kinds of paisley in crafts, decorative scarves to wear , and skirts. I also am a quilter and some of my all time favorite fabric is paisley designs.


  2. This set is gorgeous!! Love the beautiful examples.
    And yes, I’ve seen peacocks – even walking in my neighborhood.
    Your set does them justice – they are so beautiful.


  3. I was buying new furniture for the living room.
    Saw this big paisley print on some chairs and
    fell in love – they would have been overwhelming
    so my granddaughter talked me down to a
    small paisley print. I love the chairs (and
    the granddaughter). The living room is
    wonderful. Love the paisley design.
    Would love to win either set.
    thanks for the chance


  4. Never had the chance to see a peacock in real life but it is a dream of mine to do just that before I go to the land of Angels and the biggest reunion in the world!
    The designers have done a beautiful job showcasing both of these awesome stamp/die sets! If I am one of the lucky winners I would love to have the Peacock set on its way to me! Thank you for the chance to and the awesome inspiration!


  5. Wonderful paisley projects. yes I have seen a live peacock at the zoo and someone in our neighborhood raised them for awhile.


  6. The first time I can remember seeing a peacock was on the grounds of Warwick Castle in England, couldn’t ask for a better setting!

    Carol B


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