Keeping Cool! Summer at the Sea

Keep Cool Banner Art

We’re Keeping Cool this week on the Stampendous Blog, and in our MONDAY post and WEDNESDAY post we explored how our House-Mouse Friends keep their cool. We also have some gorgeous new stamps for those of you who like to keep cool seaside. You can see lots of inspiration with them in our earlier Part of Your World blog series.  As a refresher, we’ll share some of them here! Be sure to comment and tell us what your weather is like this week, ours has been hanging around the low 90’s. Pretty hot for June in Southern California. Are you melting where you are?


We’ve got some teammates sharing today with their ideas about keeping cool.

Pam Bray

Louise Healy


Remember, there’s FREE SHIPPING on the Stampendous website for orders over $50 through August 31! Time to stay indoors where it’s cool and do some crafting! Use promo code BLG717 at checkout as many times as you like.






8 thoughts on “Keeping Cool! Summer at the Sea

  1. Fantastic sea creatures.
    Wish I could be swimming with them.
    It is hot and humid but a cool front
    is supposed to be coming and the
    humidity and temperature will drop.
    We missed being hit by the storm.
    thanks or sharing.


  2. I have melted so much that my boobs and belly are in a puddle on the floor! The only good thing about it is that I no longer have wrinkles because all my skin is flowing downward! LOL it is supposed to be raining today but there is no sign of relief in sight!
    Love today’s s cute cards! TFS! Stay cool and have a great weekend!


    • Hahaha, Barb! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just melt down a little then cut it off at the bottom!? But alas, I imagine it will all spring back with some cooler weather. 🙂


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