Keeping Cool With House-Mouse Designs

Keep Cool Banner Art

We’re Keeping Cool this week on the Stampendous Blog, comment on our blogs this week, and tell us what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods. One commenter will win a Cling Rubber Dessert Dive stamp and get to cool off with our favorite mice! You can see the prize on Monday’s post. The Official Rules are HERE.

If you’re staying inside to keep cool this Summer, you should be crafting! We’ve got lots of cool inspiration for you this week.

The House-Mouse Designs® critters are especially good at staying cool.

We’ve got some teammates sharing today with their ideas about keeping cool.

Louise Healy

Jamie Martin

Kristine Reynolds

Janelle Stollfus


Comment on our blog or our team blogs for your chance to win the House-Mouse Dessert Dive stamp, and come back on Friday for more help keeping cool this Summer!

Remember, there’s FREE SHIPPING on the Stampendous website for orders over $50 through August 31! Time to stay indoors where it’s cool and do some crafting! Use promo code BLG717 at checkout as many times as you like.







13 thoughts on “Keeping Cool With House-Mouse Designs

  1. Oh my goodness … these House Mouse stamps are adorable!! We stay indoors to avoid the heat during the hottest parts of the day. But right around 6pm … its time to sit outside and enjoy the night.


  2. The weather here in So. Florida has been VERY rainy with thunderstorms.
    I was born here (50+ *cough* years!) and for the first time, they had to close an
    entire road because it rained so hard 4 days straight.
    I love the House Mouse designs – so adorable!


  3. We’ve been having a heat wave here in California, so seeing all the little guys finding great ways to stay cool tickles my heart. Love your stamps. Thanks for sharing.


  4. These mice have found great ways to keep cool. It is supposed to be 90 today. I will be crafting in the basement.


    • Forgot to tell you about the weather. It’s been hot and humid the
      last few days but a cool front is coming in tonight so it will be
      much better. I think the remnants of the storm is going
      to miss us. thanks
      Southern Illinois (across the river from St. Louis, MO)


  5. Another day of awesome inspiration from the amazingly talented design team! They keep telling us rain is coming but I haven’t seen it! Something needs to break this darn humidity before I dissolve into a puddle of skin and bones! I say, Bring on the rain! See you Mondayand hopefully it will be a little less humid! TFS!


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