Stencil Palooza Finale!


Our Palooza has one more hurrah with all the new fabulous celebration stencils!

Enjoy a tasty project with cupcakes or a chocolate bar stencil, and you may be hungry for more creative projects! Just take a look at what our team has cooked up with them!

And we are thrilled to have new stencils, designed by Fran, that are perfect for a whole card in one swipe of embossing paste! Choose to add color for a really special design.

Need a greeting that pops off a card? We have oodles of them to choose from in our stencil collection. Here are just a few newly added to our website.

More projects are waiting to be seen over on our designer’s blog posts today, so hop on over and enjoy some stenciling ideas!

Pam Bray

Jamie Martin

Janelle Stollfus

Alison Heikkila

Louise Healy

If you want to peruse our posts earlier this week for ideas with our stencil palooza theme, just keep clicking on the links below. Enjoy, and we’ll see you back here next week.


Stampendous Blog

Kristine Reynolds

Jamie Martin

Alison Heikkila


Stampendous Blog

Kristine Reynolds

Jamie Martin

Katy Leitch

Louise Healy


2 thoughts on “Stencil Palooza Finale!

  1. It’s so wonderful to see the ‘return’ of stencils and stenciling for cards… especially loved your ‘friends with chocolate’ stencil… I could us that one for sooooo many of my friends. 🙂


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