Laurel Burch Stamps by Stampendous

Introducing Laurel Burch

We’re wrapping up our week of introducing you to our new Laurel Burch line of rubber stamps. If you want to try and achieve that Laurel Burch look, we thought we’d offer a few tips we’ve learned working with her images. Stay tuned for more tips in future posts.


– Cats, Dogs, etc. have more human shaped eyes rather than rounded animal shapes
– Women, cats, etc. usually have multiple “eye shadow” colors above and/or below
– Colors are vivid and vibrant not muted.
– Paints are blended from one color to another
– Blend from yellow to oranges and then reds not yellow next to red
– Colors often change from one hue to another in the same vivid value spectrum.
lbcrs01_lbcrs02_lbdcs01_lbdcs02_sscl101_fs_800_watermarked – Warm color blends are next to complementary cool color blends.
Ex: Yellow orange flowers might then have a border color of aqua blues.
lbv002_fs_800_watermarked – Accent with metallic gold paints or pens.
– Embellish with dots, swirls or geometric patterns.
– Offset bright color images with deep blue or black, not just white backgrounds.
– Dark mottled or starry skies are a favorite.
lbw002_sscl101_fs_800_watermarked – Asymetrical, overlapping, close spacing no big open spaces.
– Layers of hand made papers with torn or deckle edges.
– Papers to match the Copic Marker color chart.
– Metallic accents of gold paper or embossed gold patterns and encrusted edges

Let’s see what the Stampendous Designers are creating:

Lea Fritts

Alison Heikkila

Janelle Stollfus






5 thoughts on “Laurel Burch Stamps by Stampendous

  1. Love Laurel Burch designs and am so glad that you are offering the stamps. What a great week of wonderful inspiration.


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