Stencils for Dear Santa Activities


Three Deer by Laura Drahozal

DWLL467 Three Deer Stencil

Thursday stencils are here for all the merry creations we love to make around  Santa traditions. With festive trees to tuck presents under and a stocking to stuff, there is a terrific design in our Christmas stencils collection to make a memorable project. There is a farm of trees we offer in many styles and a string of lights to wrap up your project.

Zig Zag Christmas Tree by Laura Drahozal


DWLG688 Tropical Christmas Tree Stencil

DWLG718 Curly Christmas Tree Stencil

DWLL595 Zig Zag Christmas Tree Stencil

FMS4039 Folk Tree Stencil

DWLX7003 Ornate Christmas Tree Stencil

DWLG651 Christmas Tree Stencil

DWLM280 Christmas Lights Border Stencil

A festive package and a long stocking are ready to deliver the gifts of the season.

DWLL466 Christmas Package Stencil

Christmas Package by Alison Heikkila

Long Stocking by Kristine Reynolds

DWLL499 Long Stocking Stencil

The possibilities are endless with more Christmas theme stencils on our website and for project ideas, hop on through our designer’s post this week!


Louise Healy
Pam Bray



Stampendous Blog
Louise Healy
Kristine Reynolds


Stampendous Blog
Alison Heikkila
Louise Healy
Kristine Reynolds

We couldn’t leave out Santa sneaking a few presents under the tree!

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